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Does sustainability still matter for wine?

A key question for wine business in 2021 is: taking into account the impact on consumer priorities during the pandemic, do consumers still care about sustainability when it comes to wine? The short answer is: sort of. The longer and more…
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Riesling tops list of white varietals for drinkers in the Finnish market

New behaviours among Finnish consumers boost Rieslings, sparkling and premium wines In common with other mature European markets, Finland’s wine-drinking population is on the decline – down to 1.5m regular wine drinkers in 2021, compared…
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Strong Millennial wine opportunity in Mexico

As the Mexican wine market continues to evolve, there is a growing opportunity for a broader range of wines, particularly with Millennial wine drinkers. As recently as 2016, typical Mexican wine consumers were aged around 40; today, 59% of…
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How can low- and no-alcohol wine engage with ‘moderating’ Millennial and Gen Z wine consumers?

Younger LDA wine consumers in the US are actively moderating their alcohol intake more than older drinkers.  How can low- and no-alcohol wine connect with this cohort? The US is a key market for low- and no-alcohol wine, and is expected…
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What can wine learn from Oatly’s USD 10 billion Nasdaq listing?

Six learnings from last week’s big drinks industry IPO for wine producers who want to replicate the success of the world’s largest oat milk brand How do you make your drinks brand worth USD 10 billion? Thanks to Toni Petersson, CEO of Oatly,…
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Covid-19 prompted wine to expand to new occasions in the UK – will it make up for a shrinking pool of consumers?

Despite the limitations of pandemic lockdowns, regular wine drinkers in the UK have maintained their frequency of wine consumption by finding new occasions for wine Wine’s historical high ground has always been its close association with…
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Why is wine brand awareness declining in Australia?

Pandemic-related shifts in sentiment appear to be behind the fall in Australian consumers’ recall of wine brands over the past 12 months Over the past year, Australia has experienced the most widespread decline in wine brand awareness among…