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Brexit: The opera continues

As the Brexit deadline approaches, the UK wine industry and its EU supply partners are facing two potentially costly future trading expenses regarding the post-Brexit trading world: regulation and tariffs Here we are again. Veteran observers…
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Australian wine drinkers yet to embrace wine in cans

Awareness of alternative wine formats, including cans and casks is rising in this new atmosphere of pragmatism and eco-awareness in Australia. So why aren’t more people buying them? It’s a good time to be thinking about wine packaging formats.…
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Growing opportunity for wine in cans across markets, with the exception of in Canada

Awareness, purchase and purchase consideration of wine in a can: 2020 vs 2017
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US market sees most significant rise in proportion of wine drinkers purchasing wine online

US market sees most significant rise in the proportion of regular wine drinkers purchasing wine online, accelerated by the impact of Covid-19; a quarter of US wine drinkers now use online channel for wine purchase   (click image to view…
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Counting the cost of Covid-19 in South Africa

Arguably the most impacted wine industry in the world by Covid-19, South Africa’s wine producers are trying to rebuild after a torrid few months. Wine Intelligence´s South Africa market manager Dimitri Coutras explains how the local industry…
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Pandemic unlocking growing opportunity for alternative wine formats in US and Canada

Wine consumers in the US and Canada are reappraising their relationship with different wine formats – cans, box wine and other non-glass formats – now seeing them in a new and more positive light ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ is…
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Recovery in spend levels on wine for at home occasions following significant dips in March

The majority of wine markets experienced an immediate and significant drop in per bottle spend on wine during March 2020, but there are signs of recovery to pre-Covid spend levels in July 2020, with the exception of in Sweden and Australia Click…
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Alternative formats for wine gain traction in UK

Over the past three years the UK’s wine drinkers have grown more open-minded about alternative wine packaging formats that save weight, offer value and avoid waste; and the recent lockdown may have boosted this trend The UK wine market has…
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Sweden’s alternative view of wine packaging

The Swedish wine market continues to provide promising opportunities for alternative packaging formats beyond 75cl glass and bag-in-box and compared with other global markets, there is much more openness and willingness to purchase alternative…
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Consumers increasingly turning to safer and ‘local’ wine brands during the pandemic

As the pandemic continues to influence current consumer behaviour, drinkers in key wine markets are actively turning to safe, reliable and known - often local - wine brands at the expense of smaller market share and imported brands A consistent…
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New normal is wine without food

Latest data from our COVID-19 tracking project is suggesting that the tendency of consumers to drink wine outside mealtimes, first observed at the height of lockdown, is gaining momentum What does wine drinking look like in the coronavirus…
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Release des Wine Intelligence COVID-19 Deutschland Report als Open Source

Die Auswirkungen der COVID-19 Pandemie auf das Konsumverhalten sind derzeit noch unklar, proaktive Reaktion auf die sehr wahrscheinlichen Veränderungen wird aber zweifellos kritisch für den kurz- wie auch langfristigen Erfolg! Wir haben schnell…