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How will consumer needs prompt wine ecommerce models to evolve post Covid 19 1 705x705 - Latest News

Does social media impact wine choice?

  Although wine influencers on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are becoming increasingly prevalent, regular wine drinkers in markets including the US, China and the UK continue to rely more heavily on friends and family…
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Recruitment shortfall among wine drinkers in the US and China [infographic]

The US and China wine markets are experiencing decreasing levels of recruitment of new wine drinkers. How can wine businesses engage with legal drinking age (LDA) Gen Z wine drinkers? (Click on the infographic to enlarge it)   You may also…
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Wine category becomes more egalitarian as consumer wine knowledge declines

Consumer confidence with wine remains stable, yet consumers’ wine knowledge is steadily decreasing, new research by Wine Intelligence shows. However, these two trends are not as contradictory as they seemingly appear. In terms of global wine…
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China’s wine market enters its third age

Following China’s prestige-dominated first wine age, the 2010s were characterised by a growing culture of wine as both an everyday drink and as a gift at the major festivals. With Covid curtailing socialising including family events, consumer…
How will consumer needs prompt wine ecommerce models to evolve post Covid 19 1 705x705 - Latest News

How will consumer needs prompt wine ecommerce models to evolve post Covid-19?

The wine category has always been a jump ahead of most other beverage alcohol categories in terms of ecommerce. The pandemic heightened consumer needs for convenience and belonging, boosting wine ecommerce. How might this change going forward? A…
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Younger LDA wine drinkers in the US seek reassurance cues from wine labels

When focusing on our target wine consumers, we often default to one of two archetypes – a younger, hip, urban dweller, typically holding down some kind of digital or creative job or, an educated, high earning, well respected, thoughtful and…
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Is wine losing its hold on younger adults?

The boost for wine seen across a number of key wine markets in 2020 has masked a much more profound demographic trend amongst wine drinkers. Wine Intelligence consumer research shows that the wine category in the key markets of the US and UK…
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Digitally savvy and adventurous wine consumers will drive Brazil’s wine market

Against the backdrop of a global decline in wine consumption in 2020, the volume of still wine consumed in Brazil grew by +28%, boosted by an expanding wine-drinker base and more adventurous consumers Although global wine consumption declined…
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Younger LDA drinkers dominate premium wine opportunity in emerging and growth markets, reflecting market dynamics

    Whilst 1/3rd of premium drinkers in more established markets (US and UK) are aged 55+, younger LDA drinkers dominate the premium wine opportunity in growth markets, such as Brazil and South Korea, and in emerging wine markets, such as…
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Wine consumption surged in select markets in 2020 – but how will consumer behaviour change going forward?

Leaps in wine consumption do not often happen in mature markets, yet for some countries, such as Germany, Sweden, and the UK, wine consumption surged in 2020, reversing previous trends of long-term decline or static consumption. In many cases,…
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6 key factors wine businesses should consider when evaluating the opportunity for wine in cans

Canned wine continues to grow ahead of other formats, albeit from a very small base, in key global markets such as the USA. At a time when the volume of wine consumed in many mature markets is flattening off or in decline, it’s perhaps no…
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Growing opportunity amongst female drinkers in the premium wine category

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