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O mais recente Portugal Wine Landscapes 2021 mostra que, apesar do encerramento do comércio e da falta de turistas, a indústria do vinho em Portugal ainda teve alguns vencedores em termos de premiumização do mercado e aumento das ocasiões…
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Encouraging signs for Portugal’s wine market in 2021

The latest Portugal Wine Landscapes 2021 shows that despite on-trade closures and the lack of tourists, the wine industry in Portugal still had some winners in terms of premiumisation and increased wine drinking occasions throughout 2020 2020,…
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Silver linings for Spain’s wine market after a difficult 2020

While on-premise restrictions and the loss of foreign tourists represented major setbacks for Spain’s wine sector, the COVID era is having a positive change in Spanish attitudes towards wine How was 2020 for wine in Spain? Ask restaurants…
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Growing consumer demand for wine in China in 2021

After a 32% drop in the value of wine sold in China in 2020, the market is expected to return to 2019 levels as Chinese consumers' wine engagement increases Exactly one year ago on March 3rd 2020, Wine Intelligence reported that wine volumes…
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Can wine ride the moderation wave?

According to our latest report, Opportunities for Low- and No-Alcohol Wine 2021, there is a growing movement towards moderation, particularly among younger consumers, creating a need for healthier options, more control, and, most importantly,…
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Wine e-commerce’s huge opportunity in 2021

The immense surge in online wine purchasing in the past year across multiple markets offers the global wine industry an unprecedented growth opportunity – but one that might fade when lockdowns end. How will consumers be persuaded to carry…
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Organic wine remains #1 sustainable wine type, but desire to buy is waning

The Wine Intelligence SOLA: Opportunities for Sustainable and Organic Wine 2021 report shows consumers are increasingly aware of sustainable and alternative wines, but the audience looking to purchase these wines has reduced in the Covid era Has…
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Accelerated substantial shift towards online wine buying during 2020, including in lower online-usage markets such as Canada and Germany

Look out for our upcoming report, E-commerce and Online Shopper Multimarket Report 2021 publishing February 2021, which will focus on Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, the US and the UK. For…