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Singapore emerges as a gateway market for premium wine

  While the talk in western economies is all about inflation, recession and strained household budgets, such concerns are not top of mind in many Asian economies – at least not yet. Brand owners in the wine industry, especially those selling…
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Is Sweden’s decade-long love affair with wine about to end?

  Sweden’s wine market is very much one of solid success - but one whose growth over the next few years may well be confined to ‘hot’ areas rather than category-wide. Sweden has all the hallmarks of a mature market: good – and relatively…
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South Korea remains one of wine’s rare hotspots for growth

Grape-based wine in South Korea is benefiting from societal trends, changes in habits during Covid and more health-driven millennial attitudes to become one of the country’s boom drinks categories, though for now it remains a niche product…
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How to make an ally of cognitive dissonance in recessionary times

  Consumers around the world can easily find reasons not to be cheerful at the moment. The news is packed with doom-laden items - ongoing war in Ukraine, climate change, accelerating cost of living and inflation, among other things. We are…
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Can sustainable wine survive a cost of living crisis?

  In many ways, it feels like the concept of sustainability in the era of climate change was made for the wine industry. It is also true to say that the wine industry has been talking about, and trying to mitigate, climate change for far longer…
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Can sparkling wine fizz in inflationary times?

  Traditionally, tough economic times have meant tough times for the sparkling wine category. The recessions of the early 2000s and 2008-09 coincided with declines in volume and value of sparkling wine, particularly for Champagne.   During…
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How wine can keep its lead in e-commerce

While the Covid era is still very much in evidence – just ask the residents of Shanghai - its effects are now receding in most of the world’s major markets. This week, the wine world met again at ProWein, for the first time since 2019,…
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Wine brand equity stabilising after Covid, but yet to fully rebound

2022 Wine Intelligence Global Wine Brand Power Index also reveals that Yellow Tail and Casillero del Diablo remain the most powerful wine brands globally   Building on feedback from over 25,000 wine consumers in 25 markets – representing…
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Growing opportunity for lower alcohol wine in the US market

As has been well documented, consumer interest in moderating consumption of alcohol has been steadily increasing over the past decade, creating a long-term market opportunity for, amongst other things, lower alcohol wine. And yet, so far, wine…
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How can wine brands survive the looming consumer spending crunch?

Consumers hunkering down for the coming waves of cost of living increases, inflation and falling real incomes, are starting to reflect on some tough choices. If money is tight, what elements of the lifestyle stay, and what go? Clearly there…
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Wine’s ‘natural’ benefits are the key to success in 2022 and beyond

“Natural” wine is a relatively new term to many wine consumers around the world, and one in which they are showing a strong interest. The concept of natural wine tops the Wine Intelligence Alternative Wine Opportunity Index in 2022 –…
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How wine businesses can prosper in an era of uncertainty

  Business as usual is no longer. For the global wine sector, the uncertainty of the 2020s is in stark contrast to the relative stability of the preceding three decades, which saw a rising tide of global wine trade on the back of reducing…