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Adaptation, adjustment, agility and appropriateness: How wine businesses are shifting to new business strategies 2

The ongoing challenge of findings ways to secure business, whilst trying to work out what the future looks like, continues to seem near impossible. As our ‘new normal’ changes on a daily basis, both consumers and businesses are adapting…
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Cannabis: How do you “cheers”?

The drinks industry is on edge about the encroachment of cannabis. Our CEO’s visit to the Bay Area’s cannabis scene – for research purposes only – suggests that wine doesn’t have much to worry about, at least not yet
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SOLA power

Ethical consumerism is on the rise, and in wine the organic movement is currently making the running. Will other ethical and sustainable trends catch on?
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Keeping the best

In the face of growing competition from other drinks, the wine category in Canada is managing to hang on to its more engaged and higher spending consumers
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Idaho: A wine scene to watch

Research Manager Emily Carroll discusses her recent trip home to Idaho, and what trade experts have to say about the budding local wine industry there When you think of wine originating from the US, you typically think of a Californian Cab…
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The surge of hard seltzer

“Perfect storm” threat to wine in the US from decreasing consumption and hard seltzer taking centre stage The story of the US wine market for the last 20 years has been one of more or less continually increasing sales. It’s been an unstoppable…
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Wine list as bottleneck

Does the way a restaurant sells wine need a makeover? Wine Intelligence’s eminence grise of the on-premise, Brian Howard, believes so. How does a restaurant grow its wine sales? Some grumbling diners might answer: “stop charging so much”.…
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Tariff trouble ahead – for everyone

Richard Halstead discusses the impact of a possible 100% tariffs on European wine for the US and global wine industry If you’re looking at how the world wine industry is keeping its head above water in the 21st Century, you might be forgiven…
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Never mind the facts

Wine consumers appear to be caring more and spending more, while knowing less about the category One of the key trends for 2020 is the shifting relationship consumers have with the category of wine. Despite falling levels of wine knowledge,…