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When will sustainability matter to wine consumers?

  The concept of sustainability – in all its forms and definitions – has become a powerful driver of consumer sentiment in recent years. Brands from categories as diverse as airlines and accountancy firms have rushed to burnish their sustainability…
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How does wine consumer behaviour in Hong Kong differ from that in China?

One of the fundamental truths about wine consumer behaviour is that, in general, the characteristics of a given geographical market reflect the unique combination of cultural, political, economic, and social factors that have been at work for…
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Does social media impact wine choice?

  Although wine influencers on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are becoming increasingly prevalent, regular wine drinkers in markets including the US, China and the UK continue to rely more heavily on friends and family…
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Recruitment shortfall among wine drinkers in the US and China [infographic]

The US and China wine markets are experiencing decreasing levels of recruitment of new wine drinkers. How can wine businesses engage with legal drinking age (LDA) Gen Z wine drinkers? (Click on the infographic to enlarge it)   You may also…
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China’s wine market enters its third age

Following China’s prestige-dominated first wine age, the 2010s were characterised by a growing culture of wine as both an everyday drink and as a gift at the major festivals. With Covid curtailing socialising including family events, consumer…
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Growing consumer demand for wine in China in 2021

After a 32% drop in the value of wine sold in China in 2020, the market is expected to return to 2019 levels as Chinese consumers' wine engagement increases Exactly one year ago on March 3rd 2020, Wine Intelligence reported that wine volumes…
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China goes ex growth – for now

After a tumultuous decade of growth, China’s wine market is gripped by an economic crisis years in the making, plus a short term coronavirus crisis that has decimated the on-premise. The shape of the wine market’s recovery will determine…