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Growing consumer demand for wine in China in 2021

After a 32% drop in the value of wine sold in China in 2020, the market is expected to return to 2019 levels as Chinese consumers' wine engagement increases Exactly one year ago on March 3rd 2020, Wine Intelligence reported that wine volumes…
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China goes ex growth – for now

After a tumultuous decade of growth, China’s wine market is gripped by an economic crisis years in the making, plus a short term coronavirus crisis that has decimated the on-premise. The shape of the wine market’s recovery will determine…
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Reasons to be cheerful about wine in China

China’s relationship with wine during the coronavirus lockdown appears to have changed – for the better. Now that the country is easing restrictions, might this be a breakout moment for the wine category? China was the first market to experience…
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Lessons from China: The prospects for wine during the re-opening phase

Chinese wine consumers remain cautious, leading to predictions of a 30% decline in the value of the Chinese wine market in 2020 Back in mid-March, we spoke with two wine experts about the Chinese wine market and what the immediate impacts were…
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Fear itself

The Coronavirus outbreak in China will decrease wine volumes by at least 20% in 2020, according to two leading members of the wine industry in China With the cancellation of ProWein this weekend, Coronavirus, or Covid-19, continues to impact…
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Chinese wine consumers step up

China Portraits 2019 reveals changing consumer behaviours and attitudes to the wine category that are more aligned to a typical developed world wine market China remains a wine market with great potential, despite recent falls in imported…
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Shaken, but not stirred

Volumes might be down in the short term, but our latest China Landscapes 2019 report shows the market for imported wine in China is growing up, which is probably a good thing At first glance, 2018 may look like a rough year for members…