Chinese wine consumers step up

China Portraits 2019 reveals changing consumer behaviours and attitudes to the wine category that are more aligned to a typical developed world wine market China remains a wine market with great potential, despite recent falls in imported…

Shaken, but not stirred

Volumes might be down in the short term, but our latest China Landscapes 2019 report shows the market for imported wine in China is growing up, which is probably a good thing At first glance, 2018 may look like a rough year for members…

Riding the Aussie wave in China

Imported wine consumption continues to rise in China with strong-performing Australian wine, according to the Wine Intelligence China Landscapes 2018 report 2017 marked another year of success for imported wine in China. Although the…

Tier 2 cities, no longer a second thought

Most of the media attention about wine still focuses in Tier 1 cities like Shanghai, while the real growth story is now in Tier 2 Although we often hear China described as an “awakening dragon” or a booming economy that rivals the…

The future is now

China has embraced online and mobile commerce with open arms, and the online wine market is ripe with opportunity as a result.

From ganbei to Gamay?

As Chinese consumers become more knowledgeable about wine, will the changing drinking culture in country lead to an on-trade boom?

Weathering the storm in China

Despite a slowing economy, China’s imported wine market continues to grow. Our latest China Landscapes report sheds light on this, in the process mapping out the changes affecting the country’s consumption patterns and retail development

Shifting frontiers

The latest Wine Intelligence calibration study of the Chinese wine market suggests that the imported wine drinking population has ballooned by 10 million in 2 years How many people drink imported wine in China nowadays? Nobody knows exactly.…

Press Releases

Press release: China’s imported wine market

For Immediate Release: Wednesday 4 July 2018 China’s imported wine market being driven by strong Australia performance and growing online retail influence, according to the new Wine Intelligence China Landscapes 2018 report Wine Intelligence’s…