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Growing wine confidence amongst Italian wine drinkers

  Although the Italian wine market is facing a progressive aging of the consumer population, it is in fact the Boomer segment that’s driving volume consumption in the market. Average spend in all sales channels is being driven by Millennials,…
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Still wine needs to look to the success of sparkling wine in Norway

Covid border restrictions in Norway triggered a surge in domestic wine sales as drinkers were unable to access the border shops in neighbouring Sweden or travel retail outlets and had to source their wine domestically. Monopoly sales of still…
How will consumer needs prompt wine ecommerce models to evolve post Covid 19 1 705x705 - Latest News

Key Triggers to Online Wine Purchasing

  With so much information to convey, wine buying is often a complex process, making the digital environment ideally suited to selling it. The wine industry was quick to recognise this, giving the sector a head start over other alcoholic drinks,…
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Prosecco is a good fit with Canada’s sparkling wine trends

  Demand for sparkling wine in Canada has jumped by more than half in the last five years and is expected to expand by another third in the next five. Prosecco has been riding this wave and is outperforming the market, having gone from accounting…
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English sparkling wine prospers but needs to win the celebratory occasion

English sparkling wine volumes rose by more than a third last year and now account for 3% of the total UK sparkling wine market, which itself is the only segment of the broader UK wine category to see sustained volume growth over the past five…
UK Sparkling 21 - Latest News

Shifts in consumer attitudes fuel the growth of sparkling wine in the US

  The world’s most valuable sparkling wine market and its third largest volume market, the United States, celebrated its twentieth consecutive year of growth last year. A pent-up demand to celebrate weddings, holiday gatherings and other…
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Opportunities for China’s wine market

  While the topline volume numbers for China's grape-based wine market are declining - the market recorded double digit volume losses in 2021 - Chinese consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about their wine, and are spending more on it…
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Premiumisation and sparkling wines compensate for shrinking Dutch wine population.

The number of wine drinkers in the Netherlands has slumped in the last five years and that is putting a downward pressure on the consumption of wine in the market. The overall wine volumes have fallen by 8% in the same five-year period. There…
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Interest in wine grows in Japan

  Still and sparkling wine in Japan had been stagnating for a few years before the pandemic hit, and in 2020 and 2021, volumes dropped by as much as 15%. The share of these wines has now dropped to below 4% of the Japanese total beverage alcohol…
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Wine drinking occasions are shifting in Belgium

  Despite a brief rally during Covid, wine has been ceding share of the beverage alcohol market in Belgium to other alcohol categories. A decade ago, wine accounted for more than a quarter of alcohol volumes in Belgium, but by 2026 is projected…
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An evolving consumer base for Germany’s wine market

With a solidly high per-capita consumption and a broad base of wine drinkers – one third of the entire population drink wine at least once a week – the German wine market has been a steady source of revenue for domestic and foreign producers…
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Canada’s wine market paradox

  Depending on which way you look at it, Canada’s wine market represents the best of times – and the worst of times. The glass-half-full camp would point to a long-term move towards drinking more premium wines and sparkling wines, and…