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The hidden cost of wine retail’s ecommerce miracle

Wine retailers around the world largely survived the pandemic by pivoting rapidly and successfully to selling online as well as in store. Post-lockdown, the economics of this enforced omnichannel approach will come under more scrutiny. As part…
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Three reasons to be positive about the Argentinean wine market

The latest edition of Argentina Wine Landscapes 2021, our first update on the market since 2017, shows that Covid has taken a toll on the wine sector, but there is growing opportunity for the off-trade, ecommerce and wider sector innovation Globally,…
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Economic worries and Covid temper Russia’s wine renaissance

For the past five years, the story of wine in Russia has been one of growth in wine volumes and spending on wine, led by urban Millennials. The Covid pandemic, plus tax rises and currency decline, appears to have dampened momentum The state…
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Ireland: a post-COVID wine renaissance?

Ireland’s wine market looks like it will emerge stronger after a year of pandemic and lockdowns, despite the twin blows of on-trade restrictions and loss of tourism revenues It seems strange to sound a positive note about the Covid-19 pandemic…
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Reduced calories and social responsibility drive the demand for low and no alcohol wines amongst Millennials in the US market

Whilst both Millennials and Gen Z wine drinkers in the US represent the highest opportunity for both lower and no alcohol wine, their motivations and need states for seeking out these options differ Lower alcohol and alcohol-free wines are…
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Are wine brands built in the on-trade?

It is common to hear that “wine brands are built in the on-trade”, but are consumers really more exposed to brands in restaurants than they are when browsing for wine in supermarkets or specialist wine shops? Multiple times I have heard…