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US wine consumption growth led by Millennials and Gen X

In the US, wine consumption growth has been by led by Millennial and Gen X drinkers, followed closely by Gen Z (21-24). However, Boomers+, who account for over 1/3rd of US regular wine drinkers have not increased their wine consumption frequency…
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Wine’s rollercoaster in the US 2020

Our updated modelling is still predicting a flat 2020 for the US wine market, though economic confidence could drain in the crucial final quarter One of my former classmates at business school now leads a strategy department looking at the…
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Australia’s wine drinkers go local

Amid the turmoil of Covid and climate change, Australia’s wine producers are finding a silver lining in the surge of goodwill towards them from domestic consumers It has been a year to remember – and also forget – for Australia’s wine…
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Still wine increasingly a ‘beneficiary’ of lockdown & restrictions

Following increased wine purchasing in April 2020, there has been further increased purchasing of wine seen by August 2020. Some recovery for Champagne and sparkling, although purchase frequency continues to be lower than pre-pandemic (click…
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Wine consumers increasingly cautious as 2020 progresses

Wine consumers are becoming more cautious and pessimistic about their likelihood to socialize and travel in the future, even when the current levels of Covid-19 subside with the exception being in Germany and China, where optimism about the…
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Welcome to the Reducer’s Christmas

The surge in UK off-premise wine sales we observed during lockdown has been sustained, but our latest consumer intentions modelling suggests that the traditional Christmas cheer may be absent from the wine sector in 2020 Back in June we –…
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Wine enjoying mini-boom in the Covid-19 era, but economic clouds on horizon

Wine drinkers across key consumption markets have been turning more often to wine during the Covid-19 pandemic, spurred by new ‘lockdown’ occasions and more drinking outside of mealtimes; however, this new data raises concerns about the…
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Women more likely to increase wine consumption across six key consumption markets

In the pre-pandemic world, male regular wine drinkers typically drank wine on around 15-20% more occasions than female regular wine drinkers. Our latest research, published this week, suggests that the recent growth in wine drinking during…
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Strong momentum for online wine buying post-pandemic in US, China and UK

Future intentions data suggests that online wine buying will continue to grow in importance in the key consumption markets of China, US and UK where the momentum shift to online wine buying is the strongest Following the initial boost in purchasing…
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Wine consumer trends in the Covid-19 era led by increased wine drinking

In many key markets, wine continues to be a ‘beneficiary’ of lockdown and restrictions, with consumers increasingly enjoying wine across a broader range of at-home occasions and the US market standing out as a key beneficiary market.
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Online wine shopping continues to increase in Germany

German wine drinkers are drinking wine more frequently and – in line with global trends – shopping more online for wine, especially younger consumers The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the German wine market and consumers’ wine consumption…
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Do we have packaging mobility in wine yet?

A notable consequence of the pandemic is the extent to which people in general are re-evaluating their previous existences and reimagining their future behaviour – will it result in a reshaping of the wine packaging landscape? For many years…