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Black swans and white wine: Planning in an uncertain world

How diversifying your business plan helps prevent unpredictable events disrupting your entire business By definition, black swan events are ‘extremely rare events with severe consequences that cannot be predicted beforehand.’ While a global…
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Quantifying the impact of coronavirus on wine

After the crisis passes, and we are all untethered from our current home isolations, will we go back to our old ways? One can imagine a fairly robust celebration when the crisis passes. Then what? Will this strange period of enforced behaviour…
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Research in the time of viruses

Amid the economic and political turbulence caused by coronavirus around the world, we in the research industry should address two very pertinent questions: is it appropriate or valuable to conduct market research at this particular moment?…
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What does leadership mean in the wine industry?

Recently CEO Lulie Halstead was the keynote speaker at the Washington Winegrowers Leadership and Legacy lunch and reflected on which wine leaders had most impacted her wine career and what characteristics are common to them. John Casella Around…
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Living in lockdown

Our team based in Italy and Spain reflect on living through lockdown – including bingo between the homes of Italian neighbours and reflections on the positives of ‘deprivation research’    Pierpaolo Penco, Country Manager Italy, is…
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Global wine experts describe impact of turbulence ahead

Wine Intelligence’s global expert network on the impact of Coronavirus: ‘Christmas trading’ in Italian supermarkets amid a gloomy outlook, calm in Brazil and South Africa, fewer Chinese tourists in Australia, silver linings in South Korea,…
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The power of brand recognition

Why do certain wine brands achieve more traction than others in our 2020 Global Wine Brand Power Index? With third edition of the Wine Intelligence Global Wine Brand Power Index, some experienced readers may be growing familiar with some of…
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Ultra-differentiation in wine

Director for Spain and South America, Juan Park, discusses the development of underwater wine in Bilbao, and the importance and struggles of being ultra-different Marketing, at its best, is associated with bringing innovative products to market…
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Fear itself

The Coronavirus outbreak in China will decrease wine volumes by at least 20% in 2020, according to two leading members of the wine industry in China With the cancellation of ProWein this weekend, Coronavirus, or Covid-19, continues to impact…
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And suddenly, Portugal was trendy

Luis Osorio, Country Manager for Portugal and Lisbon native, reflects on the revival in fortunes of his home country and how this is affecting wine drinkers in the latest Portugal Wine Landscapes 2020 report When I moved to the UK, six years…
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Cannabis: How do you “cheers”?

The drinks industry is on edge about the encroachment of cannabis. Our CEO’s visit to the Bay Area’s cannabis scene – for research purposes only – suggests that wine doesn’t have much to worry about, at least not yet
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Wine is seeing volume declines around the world as its marquee consumption occasions come under attack from a variety of innovative beverages. Should the industry be scared?