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When will sustainability matter to wine consumers?

  The concept of sustainability – in all its forms and definitions – has become a powerful driver of consumer sentiment in recent years. Brands from categories as diverse as airlines and accountancy firms have rushed to burnish their sustainability…
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Older, more affluent consumers drive the US wine market

  Although the wine category in the US holds an 11% volume share – equal to that of spirits – the category’s future is facing a number of challenges. Wine volumes in the US are expected to continue on a downward trajectory, especially…
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Interest in exclusive-label wines drives competition in the Portuguese wine market

  Wine in the Portuguese market was a success story pre-pandemic, but has suffered from closure of the on-trade and lack of tourism during Covid. Wine is expected to recover strongly over the next five years. In the post-Covid world,…
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Wine businesses must focus on the ‘100-year life’ to drive mid- and long-term success

A lot of recent media attention has focused on the demographic crisis looming in the wine category. And for good reason: the numbers are scary. In late 2020, Wine Intelligence, a division of IWSR Group, undertook an analysis of its long-run…
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What will happen to Australia’s new Millennial wine drinkers in 2022?

  Over the past 2 years, countries around the world have had a similar problem – the Covid-19 pandemic – but have dealt with it in a variety of ways. While some markets have adopted a much less stringent approach to controlling the virus,…
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Japanese drinkers prioritise treating themselves to better quality wines now vs pre-pandemic  

With one of the longest life expectancies in the world, and one of the lowest birth-rates, Japan holds the title of the “oldest” country on the planet. According to the Statistics Bureau of Japan, nearly three in 10 are now over 65 years…
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Why has our relationship with wine changed in the Covid era?

  Like it or not, citizens of the world are participating in a giant, unprecedented, ‘natural experiment’ – the Covid pandemic. Enforced changes in our everyday behaviour have had multiple impacts across markets and categories. Some…
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Brazil’s monthly wine drinking population doubles since 2010

  If 2020 was a good year for wine in Brazil, 2021 has been spectacular in terms of a rapidly increasing monthly wine drinking population. There are now over twice as many wine drinkers in Brazil as there were in 2010, with an overall penetration…
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The consumer drivers shaping the UK wine market in 2022

A year after the UK started recovering from the first Covid-19 wave, what has changed? In some respects, not much. Wine category consumer attitudes, knowledge, confidence and relationships with wine brands are fairly consistent with last year’s…
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  The festive season comes with many traditions, one of which is the Wine Intelligence annual predictions for the wine industry in the coming year. Our predictions in December 2020 could be judged as reasonably insightful without being fully…
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Global wine industry predictions for 2021 – how did we do?

Our annual exercise in soothsaying 12 months ago predicted investment and upheaval in e-commerce, more wine in cans, plus growth in the ‘wine seltzer’ category. So what did 2021 bring? After the rollercoaster of 2020, our main prediction…
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The Covid accelerated shift to local wine is set to continue

  A consistent theme of consumer marketing manuals is the exhortation to remain ‘close’ to your customers. The meaning of this closeness has evolved over recent decades in developed world fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets. Once…