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Experience of a lifetime

An interview with Antonio Rallo, President of Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Sicilia  Antionio Rallo has been immersed in Italian vineyards since he was three years old. From doing his homework in a winery, to becoming President of Consorzio…
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Markets at a Glance: Italy

An interview with Italy Country Manager, Pierpaolo Penco  Based in Italy, Pierpaolo is a wine consultant to the Italian wine industry, as well as a wine marketing lecturer. He collaborates with several Italian wine consortiums, associations…
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Missing: 6 million female premium wine drinkers

Women are significantly under-represented among US wine drinkers who spend $15 or more on a bottle. Could they be the next growth opportunity? In this era of gender politics, it takes a brave researcher to offer up potentially uncomfortable…
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Markets at a Glance: Brazil

An interview with Brazil Country Manager, Rodrigo Lanari  Based in São Paulo, Rodrigo is responsible for the Wine Intelligence client base in Brazil, as well as coordinating research and strategy projects in South America. He started his…
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Reward and pain: How the brain decides what to purchase

The human brain is still struggling, in evolutionary terms, to master the notion of money. In the absence of a more sophisticated management system, it uses its ancient pain and reward mechanisms – with some interesting consequences for those of us charged with selling wine
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Australia, cannabis and the wine industry

The Australian Capital Territory has passed a bill legalising the personal use and possession of cannabis. With growing trends in alternative wines and wine substitutes, what could this mean for the Australian wine industry?
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Schrodinger’s Millennial

Depending on who you believe, millennial consumers in the UK are either great news for the wine category or an unfolding catastrophe. Who is right? What are those millennials up to? The question rings round boardrooms and marketing departments…
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Raise a sparkling glass to the Millennials

Sparkling Wine in the US Market 2019 reveals that although sparkling wine consumption is declining, highly motivated Millennials entering the market are bringing new opportunities – particularly for imports The findings of our latest sparkling…
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US premium consumers: clouds on the horizon?

Our Premium Wine Drinkers in the US Market 2019 report reveals that while the US premium wine population has remained stable and is spending more per bottle, they are buying wine less often and are getting older Over the last few years, the…
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Brand Health Tracking Service

The Wine Intelligence Brand Health Tracking Service is a one-stop shop for cost-effective brand tracking in up to 34 Vinitrac® markets. It has been tried and tested for over ten years by wine businesses within a multitude of different global…
Millennials and wine

UK Market Breakfast Briefing: Millennials and wine – should we be worried or excited?

The first two decades of the 21st century have witnessed some fundamental shifts in British culture and behaviour. Amongst other things, the UK has seen an unprecedented and sustained fall in regular alcohol consumption, particularly among…
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Argentina’s export potential

Last week, CEO Lulie Halstead and Brazil Country Manager Rodrigo Lanari spoke to a packed audience of Argentinean wine producers about market trends in the US and Brazil and how Argentinian wines can perform well in these markets The current…