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Germany: the elevator pitch

Six talking points that describe where the German wine market is in 2015 – and where it is going

The Latin Touch

hispanics drinking wine
Why the changing size of the Hispanic population is integral to understanding the US wine market

What’s in a name? Actually quite a lot

naming 1
New Wine Intelligence test confirms the relationship between ease of pronunciation and purchase

Hemingway would approve

Will the fusion drinks trends in bars translate into a positive generational shift for Port and Sherry?

Act your age!

collage of people coloured backgrounds
While focusing on Millennials, we have forgotten about the power of older generations

Chateau of A Hundred Prices

rui 2
If you think wine shopping in the West is confusing, try choosing a bottle from the aisles of a supermarket in Chengdu



The apps have it

Popular wine apps may be changing how UK consumers purchase and enjoy wine

A drop more Dog Strangler?

Portugal’s eclectic grape varieties represent a fascinating branding challenge

Curating luxury

Three brand stories in a short walk down Piccadilly
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