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We are now recruiting – Research Analyst (London)


Position: Research Analyst

Marketing, with a crown

Germany Thumbnail

A former Wine Intelligence intern becomes Wine Queen of Nahe

Flavour of the age

Varietal NZ Thumbnail 1

As we grow older, so our tastes in wine change – or at least how we like to describe them

Home is where the consumer is

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Chile’s globally renowned wines are gaining more traction in its domestic market

March 2017

The loyalty paradox


Why our obsession with creating loyal customers may be a fool’s errand

Samba noises again?

View over Brazil

It’s been a hard few years, but Brazil’s wine market appears to be turning a corner

Notes of leather


Describing a wine’s taste for a mass consumer audience is a tricky task – is it worth it?

Your brand is unique. Does anyone care?


The legacy of Andrew Ehrenberg is haunting brand managers in all categories – and wine is no exception.

Silver linings in Ireland’s minimum unit pricing fight


Proposed government legislation would make alcohol even more expensive in Ireland. Could this actually be good news for the wine category?

Wine Intelligence at ProWein Düsseldorf 2017


On Monday and Tuesday, March 20th & 21st, Wine Intelligence will lead two invitation-only client briefings at ProWein Düsseldorf 2017. Speakers Juan Park (Monday) and Richard Halstead (Tuesday) will delve into the latest hot-button issues in the wine trade, debunking myths and revealing hidden truths.

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