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Let the shipments roll

Open bottles of red and white wine in case - 192267269

Easing of regulation and economic good times are fueling a boom in the US direct-to-consumer channel.

Social media’s disappointing numbers game


Businesses are pouring resources into social media content – but is it worth it?

Cherchez l’alcohol-free


France is becoming a leading source of innovation in the no-alcohol wine category.

What’s hot in the global village


Last Friday, industry professionals from every sector joined Wine Intelligence in central London for our inaugural Global Consumer Trends 2017 workshop.

Vinitrac® Sparkling February 2017


With just one week to go until the deadline for our first Vinitrac® wave dedicated to sparkling wines of the world, time is running out to submit your questions.

Go boutique or go bust?

US Label Design 2017

Does it pay to stand out, or do middle of the road label designs reap dividends? Wine Intelligence investigates with our latest report, US Label Design 2017.

New product launch: Wine Intelligence & the IWSR Wine Profiler


Wine Intelligence partners with the IWSR to launch an interactive web platform combining international wine brand sales data with consumer brand awareness, usage and profiling.

January 2017

Hard times in the London restaurant scene?

Laid dinner table

A “perfect storm” of rising costs are threatening the economics of the UK capital’s vibrant restaurant industry

We like David, but buy Goliath

Bottle of red with blank label and glass - 55491760

Niche brands are less common than we think (or hope)

The everyday sparkle


As Prosecco continue to thrive, we investigate how it has managed to become a fixture on every supermarket shelf and wine list

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