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Britain’s OMG moment

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How the nation’s wine drinkers might be feeling, post-Brexit.

Portrait of a new American wine drinker

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A walk in the shoes of your consumer can be useful marketing therapy

Bearing fruit?

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The fruit-flavoured wine category appears to have some momentum at last. Here are three hypotheses we would like to test.

All change in South Korea

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South Koreans are opening up to the world of wine

Shifting frontiers

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The latest Wine Intelligence calibration study of the Chinese wine market suggests that the imported wine drinking population has ballooned by 10 million in 2 years How many people drink imported wine in China nowadays? Nobody knows exactly. Unfortunately the lack of […]

Secrets of the speechwriter

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The best speeches work backwards from desired outcomes, White House wordsmith Jeff Shesol told participants at the inaugural WI Leading Thinkers Summit

May 2016

Expanding horizons

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The Japanese are moving beyond traditional, Old-World favourites to embrace a wider repertoire

Turning up the competitive temperature

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Will the emergence of new cool climate regions of the world inspire or confuse consumers in emerging markets?

Are we really that bad at innovation?

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Our observations show that the wine industry is full of new ideas, but consumers often aren’t interested

July 2016 Vinitrac®: now extended to include UK and US regular wine drinkers


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