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Four things your wine brand needs to do to win in China


Brands need to help consumers navigate choices, to reassure and resonate, and to get them to feel a sense of closeness and social superiority

How pre-wine drinkers build their knowledge


Why do Americans teenagers tend to forget about wine when asked to name types of alcoholic beverages? What makes it different than everything else?

It’s all in the mind


Understanding how our mind remembers things can unlock some secrets about how brands work (or don’t)

We are now recruiting


Wine Intelligence London office: PA to the Chief Executive

July 2014

Wine Intelligence USA Label design 2014

Thumbnail Master CURRENT v2

New report release: Wine Intelligence – Wine Intelligence USA Label design 2014

Cracking the label code


What your label says about your brand can be a crucial element in consumer choice

Three simple steps to improving your digital marketing in China


Getting your online comms right can be a huge boost to your brand, so long as you can avoid some basic errors

Visualising the Feelgood juice revolution


Observing and responding creatively to consumer trends can unlock growth in even the most mature of categories

Renaissance Japan


Wine drinking is on the up in the Land of the Rising Sun

The new Polish “generation wine”

10.07.2014 Pod1 Poland

High hopes for the Polish wine market as a new generation of consumers embrace wine
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