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Older, more affluent consumers drive the US wine market

  Although the wine category in the US holds an 11% volume share – equal to that of spirits – the category’s future is facing a number of challenges. Wine volumes in the US are expected to continue on a downward trajectory, especially…
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What are the opportunities for the no/low-alcohol wine category?

Consumer interest in more moderate drinking has been steadily increasing over the past decade, creating a potential long-term market opportunity for low-alcohol and no-alcohol wines. However thus far, wine with less alcohol in it, and for that…
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Does social media impact wine choice?

  Although wine influencers on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are becoming increasingly prevalent, regular wine drinkers in markets including the US, China and the UK continue to rely more heavily on friends and family…
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Recruitment shortfall among wine drinkers in the US and China [infographic]

The US and China wine markets are experiencing decreasing levels of recruitment of new wine drinkers. How can wine businesses engage with legal drinking age (LDA) Gen Z wine drinkers? (Click on the infographic to enlarge it)   You may also…
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How can low- and no-alcohol wine engage with ‘moderating’ Millennial and Gen Z wine consumers?

Younger LDA wine consumers in the US are actively moderating their alcohol intake more than older drinkers.  How can low- and no-alcohol wine connect with this cohort? The US is a key market for low- and no-alcohol wine, and is expected…
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Label designs delivering classic wine reassurance cues continue to have the highest intent to purchase amongst US wine drinkers

However, there is a growing likelihood to purchase red wine with less 'central' and more 'distinctive' wine labels
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Are elements of wine label design changing with the pandemic?

Wine Intelligence talks the importance of wine label design with three leading experts in the field With the publication of our latest Wine Label Design in the US Market 2021 report, Wine Intelligence researchers have been analysing consumer…
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Why wine labels matter

It is the ultimate signal of what’s in the bottle, yet the wine label is often the victim of misunderstanding on the part of the brand owner. Can consumer sentiment help? When asked about their archetypal consumer, many wine brand owners…