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Missing: 6 million female premium wine drinkers

Women are significantly under-represented among US wine drinkers who spend $15 or more on a bottle. Could they be the next growth opportunity? In this era of gender politics, it takes a brave researcher to offer up potentially uncomfortable…
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US premium consumers: clouds on the horizon?

Our Premium Wine Drinkers in the US Market 2019 report reveals that while the US premium wine population has remained stable and is spending more per bottle, they are buying wine less often and are getting older Over the last few years, the…
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What does sustainability mean throughout the world?

Following our Global SOLA report, our recently published country specific mini-SOLAs for Australia, Canada, Sweden, the US and the UK examine ethical consumerism in the wine industry in greater detail Last month, we released our latest insights…
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21st century bubbles

Americans are changing their attitudes to sparkling wine, led by younger drinkers As 2018 draws to an end, and the holiday season gets into full swing, most if not all of the estimated 45 million Americans who comprise the sparkling wine…
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Independents’ day

US specialist and independent wine retail are pivoting their business models to attract an increasingly online and social-media driven customer Generalising about wine retail channels in the US market is no easy feat. Given the complexity…
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The Latin Touch

Why the changing size of the Hispanic population is integral to understanding the US wine market
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What’s in a name? Actually quite a lot

New Wine Intelligence test confirms the relationship between ease of pronunciation and purchase
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Millennials in the driving seat

How the changing generational mix is affecting the US wine market
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The Great Cider Heist

…Or how the hard cider category stole the hearts of 20 million American wine drinkers