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Wine’s ‘natural’ benefits are the key to success in 2022 and beyond

“Natural” wine is a relatively new term to many wine consumers around the world, and one in which they are showing a strong interest. The concept of natural wine tops the Wine Intelligence Alternative Wine Opportunity Index in 2022 –…
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How can low- and no-alcohol wine engage with ‘moderating’ Millennial and Gen Z wine consumers?

Younger LDA wine consumers in the US are actively moderating their alcohol intake more than older drinkers.  How can low- and no-alcohol wine connect with this cohort? The US is a key market for low- and no-alcohol wine, and is expected…
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Can wine ride the moderation wave?

According to our latest report, Opportunities for Low- and No-Alcohol Wine 2021, there is a growing movement towards moderation, particularly among younger consumers, creating a need for healthier options, more control, and, most importantly,…
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Swedish wine drinkers associate organic wine with being better for one’s health, and sustainable wine with being more prestigious and expensive

In February 2021, Wine Intelligence will publish two reports on sustainable, organic and lower-alcohol wine. Global SOLA 2021: Opportunities in Sustainable, Organic and Alternative Wines 2021 will focus on Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden,…
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SOLA power

Ethical consumerism is on the rise, and in wine the organic movement is currently making the running. Will other ethical and sustainable trends catch on?
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Five ways to sell sustainability

Wine producers hoping to build commercial success around sustainability and environmentally friendly products should take some cues from the latest thinking in behavioural economics, according to Wine Intelligence CEO Lulie Halstead We all…
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Sustainable growth

The tide of ethical consumerism is on the rise, and the fortunes of sustainable, organic, lower alcohol and other alternative wine products are rising within it, according to our latest SOLA report How does the concept of sustainability translate…