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Japan’s cautious calm

Wine drinkers in Japan have cut their wine consumption more than their western counterparts, but seem more inclined to return to business-as-usual once restrictions end With the publication of our tenth market report in the Covid-19 Impact…
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Young and adventurous wine drinkers take hold in Japan

According to our Japan Landscapes 2019 report, Japanese regular wine drinkers are displaying behaviours that present hopeful prospects to the category, though success will be more about value, less about volume The Japanese wine market…
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Another sun rises

Senior Project Executive Ya-Ting Fan on the emerging winemakers of Japan When it comes to alcohol, Japan is known for Sake, whisky and beer – not necessarily wine. However this is changing, as northerly latitudes warm. Just as growers…
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Expanding horizons

The Japanese are moving beyond traditional, Old-World favourites to embrace a wider repertoire
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Cultural aftershocks

The Japanese wine market is starting to look exciting again.