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An evolving consumer base for Germany’s wine market

With a solidly high per-capita consumption and a broad base of wine drinkers – one third of the entire population drink wine at least once a week – the German wine market has been a steady source of revenue for domestic and foreign producers…
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Wine consumption surged in select markets in 2020 – but how will consumer behaviour change going forward?

Leaps in wine consumption do not often happen in mature markets, yet for some countries, such as Germany, Sweden, and the UK, wine consumption surged in 2020, reversing previous trends of long-term decline or static consumption. In many cases,…
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Global wine trend predictions for 2020 – how did we do?

Yes, we missed one obvious one – but then so did everyone else. How did our predicted wine consumer trends for 2020 stand up in the face of an extraordinary 12 months? As far as behaviour trend forecasting goes in 2020, the opening words…
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Online wine shopping continues to increase in Germany

German wine drinkers are drinking wine more frequently and – in line with global trends – shopping more online for wine, especially younger consumers The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the German wine market and consumers’ wine consumption…
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Release des Wine Intelligence COVID-19 Deutschland Report als Open Source

Die Auswirkungen der COVID-19 Pandemie auf das Konsumverhalten sind derzeit noch unklar, proaktive Reaktion auf die sehr wahrscheinlichen Veränderungen wird aber zweifellos kritisch für den kurz- wie auch langfristigen Erfolg! Wir haben schnell…
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Wine brands in Germany: Changing times

The recent lockdown period may provide an acceleration to an emerging trend in Germany’s wine market towards more aspirational, consumer-centric brands, promoted on social media and sold through the market’s growing wine e-commerce channel
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Crisis, what crisis?

Wine drinkers in Sweden, Netherlands and Germany have taken the virus pandemic in their stride, suggesting the disruption to the wine market will be minimised When the Covid-19 virus swept the planet early in 2020, most countries locked their…
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Even Germany is trading up

Despite the long-held reputation for bargain hunting, Germany’s wine drinkers are aligning with global trends and swapping quantity for quality, according to our latest Landscapes market report At first glance, the German wine market…