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Wine knowledge and culture: Are they related?

An in-depth look at wine knowledge levels in Canada and Brazil reveals that it is not always the areas more typically associated with wine culture that are the most wine knowledgeable– so why is this? 
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Challenging times for wine in Brazil

Our most recent Brazil Wine Landscapes report shows that underlying positive growth in wine sales and consumer engagement has been hit by the broader economic impact of COVID-19 The latest Wine Intelligence Landscape report reflects the volatile…
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Markets at a Glance: Brazil

An interview with Brazil Country Manager, Rodrigo Lanari  Based in São Paulo, Rodrigo is responsible for the Wine Intelligence client base in Brazil, as well as coordinating research and strategy projects in South America. He started his…
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Making room for Brazilian wine consumers

Brazil Country Manager, Rodrigo Lanari, and Director for Spain and South America, Juan Park, reflect on their recent seminar in Chile looking at how Brazil’s wine consumer is changing Brazilian wine consumers have had a growing relationship…
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Riding the Brazilian wave

The Brazilian wine market is recovering after 2016 challenges as consumer involvement rises, according to latest Wine Intelligence Brazil Landscapes 2019 report Political instability and economic uncertainty have certainly put Brazil…
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Signs of progress, more order needed

Luis Osorio, Country Manager for Portugal, reflects on his recent trip to Brazil and what the wine sector in the country needs to do to succeed ‘Ordem e Progresso’ (Order and Progress) is the motto inscribed across the national flag…
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The digital buzz in Brazil

Brazil has the world’s third highest incidence of online shoppers among regular wine drinkers, according to Wine Intelligence’s first report on Online Retail and Communication in the Brazilian Market 2018 report. In an increasingly…
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A domestic affair

For a variety of reasons, wine in Brazil most often means wine made in Brazil. Will this phenomenon continue?
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Hosting Brazil style

Will the global focus on Brazil profit the wine sector?