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Global wine industry predictions for 2021 – how did we do?

Our annual exercise in soothsaying 12 months ago predicted investment and upheaval in e-commerce, more wine in cans, plus growth in the ‘wine seltzer’ category. So what did 2021 bring? After the rollercoaster of 2020, our main prediction…
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The four 'R's

A handy guide to Wine Intelligence industry trends for 2020 Beware January, with the airwaves and wifi thick with trends and predictions for the coming year. A close reading of many offerings, plus a bit of careful Googling, tend to show that…
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We are family

US wine consumers are not that different whether they’re from Oakland or Ithaca, though geography and the broader economic and demographic trends at a State level tends to influence behavior When it comes down to it, wine drinkers are not…
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Markets at a Glance: Italy

An interview with Italy Country Manager, Pierpaolo Penco  Based in Italy, Pierpaolo is a wine consultant to the Italian wine industry, as well as a wine marketing lecturer. He collaborates with several Italian wine consortiums, associations…
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Global Trends in Wine: The who, what and how

Wine Intelligence explores 12 global trends, categorised into six themes, which we have identified over the past year relating to wine consumer’s consumption and behaviour Identifying trends in consumer behaviour has been something of…
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Portugal’s penchant for a premium “bargain”

A mature market is experiencing some lively changes in the way upscale wine is sold, according to our latest Portugal Landscapes 2019 report. Despite being one of the most established markets for wine with one of the highest per capita…
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The other '4Ps' of Italian wine

While the textbook definition of the 4Ps Product, Place, Price & Promotion might be used to explain the success of Italian wine in export markets, the truth is that the category benefits more from another set of 4Ps: Pizza, Pasta, Prosecco…
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The ProWein Experience

The growing size and influence of the annual ProWein trade show offers a unique chance for attendees and exhibitors to reflect on their own values and competitive advantage. Most people can remember their first day at a new school: seemingly…
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Retail theatricals

The UK bricks-and-mortar retail scene is reinventing itself as a “brand experience” destination