Bring on the Italian fizz

Pierpaolo Penco, Country Manager for Italy, discusses how Sicily is an increasingly popular sparkling wine producer and what this may mean for other lesser-known areas producing sparkling wine Sparkling wine is growing rapidly, both in…

March of the imports

Champagne and (Italian) Prosecco are making inroads into the Australian sparkling wine market, thanks to more adventurous younger consumers In the 5-year period between 2013 and 2017, the total consumption of sparkling wine in the Australian…

Vintage bubbles

The UK sparkling wine market appears to be settling after a rollercoaster decade where volumes have doubled and the drinking population has expanded by 50% While sparkling wine bubbles themselves are typically fleeting and fragile, the…

Sweden’s fizzical embrace

Amid an overall decline of still wine and spirit volumes in Sweden, sparkling wine is seeing impressive growth and elevated interest amongst consumers As a country known for focusing on healthy living, Sweden is becoming a place where…

Fizz-ling out

Will domestic sparkling wine volumes grow again in Australia?


Champagne used to be almost synonymous with the words ‘sparkling wine’ in the UK – but this may be changing

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