South Korea 2021 1 - The future is now

One in five South Korean wine drinkers now purchase wine online

Legalised ecommerce, plus growing home-premise consumption, ignites interest in the wine category In an era of disruption that characterised the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the most significant development of the past year in the South Korean…
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Strong momentum for online wine buying post-pandemic in US, China and UK

Future intentions data suggests that online wine buying will continue to grow in importance in the key consumption markets of China, US and UK where the momentum shift to online wine buying is the strongest Following the initial boost in purchasing…
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The digital buzz in Brazil

Brazil has the world’s third highest incidence of online shoppers among regular wine drinkers, according to Wine Intelligence’s first report on Online Retail and Communication in the Brazilian Market 2018 report. In an increasingly…
Brazil technology 2 768x768 - The future is now

The future is now

China has embraced online and mobile commerce with open arms, and the online wine market is ripe with opportunity as a result.