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The great American Millennial moderation

US Landscapes 2020 reveals a shrinking regular wine drinking population, with saviors of the wine category being older drinkers as wine faces growing competition for younger drinkers from other alcoholic beverages – and from the yoga studio The…
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Mocktail anyone?

Moderation is a trend ringing in the ears of the wine industry – and as it suffuses the behaviour of the rising generation of drinkers, it is likely to be a factor in the industry for decades to come Since 2007, the proportion of regular…
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Schrodinger’s Millennial

Depending on who you believe, millennial consumers in the UK are either great news for the wine category or an unfolding catastrophe. Who is right? What are those millennials up to? The question rings round boardrooms and marketing departments…
Millennials and wine

UK Market Breakfast Briefing: Millennials and wine – should we be worried or excited?

The first two decades of the 21st century have witnessed some fundamental shifts in British culture and behaviour. Amongst other things, the UK has seen an unprecedented and sustained fall in regular alcohol consumption, particularly among…
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Festivals and wine brands: how to chase and capture Millennials’ imaginations

Millennials can be a tough crowd, but perhaps festivals offer an opportunity for wine brands to make their mark on the minds of this most elusive of demographics.
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Rosé flowers in the US market

The market for rosé wines in the US is becoming more premium – and once again Millennials appear to be the agents of change
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Changing of the guard

Millennials are slowly taking their place at the centre of US wine culture. Will they “ruin” the American wine market?
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The consumer around the corner

What will today’s teens be shopping for at the liquor store in 2025?
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American drinkers get crafty

Wine is losing ground in its most important market to the new wave of artisanal beers, ciders and spirits