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Wine Intelligence’s industry predictions for 2021

Our annual exercise in soothsaying suggests that the next 12 months will bring more investment and upheaval in e-commerce, alternative packaging formats, plus growth in the ‘wine seltzer’ category 2020 will be remembered for many things…
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Global wine trend predictions for 2020 – mid year update

In this most unpredictable of years, how have the trends and predictions for 2020, published in December 2019, held up?
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The four 'R's

A handy guide to Wine Intelligence industry trends for 2020 Beware January, with the airwaves and wifi thick with trends and predictions for the coming year. A close reading of many offerings, plus a bit of careful Googling, tend to show that…
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Global Trends in Wine: The who, what and how

Wine Intelligence explores 12 global trends, categorised into six themes, which we have identified over the past year relating to wine consumer’s consumption and behaviour Identifying trends in consumer behaviour has been something of…
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Workshopping the future

Uber-ising the wine order in a bar to Vinstant wine capsules: some notable ideas from this year’s Wine Intelligence Trends Workshop tour
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Living the high life

With our 2016 Global Consumer Trends workshops fast approaching, we explore two different sides of the ‘Upgrade’ trend
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Freedom from choice

How options-overload is driving a trend towards perfection in simple, focused products.
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It’s personal

In a world of digital distance, old fashioned communication matters more
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The sense of it

As technology puts distance between us and the real world, consumers increasingly value getting up close and personal with products and experiences