Sparkling Wine in the Italian Market 2018 IT - Press release: Sparkling wine enjoying long-term growth in Italy, according to new report by Wine Intelligence
Sparkling Wine in the Italian Market 2018 IT 150x150 - Press release: Sparkling wine enjoying long-term growth in Italy, according to new report by Wine IntelligenceFor Immediate Release: 19 January 2018
This first Wine Intelligence report on the Italian sparkling wine market, written in Italian, finds that sparkling wine is enjoying long-term growth in Italy.  This trend is largely driven by the prevalence and popularity of Prosecco. 75% of Prosecco drinkers consume Prosecco at least once a month, demonstrating that it has become an everyday drink.
Many respondents to the Wine Intelligence survey state that they drink sparkling wines regularly.  Out of the 31.6 million annual sparkling wine drinkers, 22.5 million drink it at least once a month.  The report shows that Prosecco and Lambrusco are the clear favourites. They are the most frequently consumed sparkling wines among Italian fizz drinkers and are perceived as offering the best value for money. In terms of quality perception, Prosecco comes third, just behind Champagne and Franciacorta. Buoyed by the strong market for domestically produced wines, niche DOCs such as Pignoletto, Ribolla Gialla and Durello are beginning to gain traction.
Wine Intelligence Country Manager for Italy, Pierpaolo Penco, comments that “not only is the popularity of Prosecco driving sparkling wine consumption on the whole, but the sparkling wine consumer in Italy is similar across genders and age.  This means that a wide variety of people consume the beverage, helping to deliver the long-term growth we’ve witnessed.”
Pierpaolo Penco states that “we expect further growth in the Italian sparkling wine market in years to come as more and more opportunities arise for sparkling wine producers.”
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