Germany Landscapes 2017 - Press Release: Few power brands in the German market, creating favourable conditions for market entry, according to a new report by Wine Intelligence
Germany Landscapes 2017For Immediate Release: Wednesday 8th November 2017
Few power brands in the German market, creating favourable conditions for market entry, according to a new report by Wine Intelligence
The latest report by Wine Intelligence, Germany Landscapes 2017, reveals that still light wine brands are struggling to build brand awareness and affinity in the German wine market. Despite being the largest imported wine market in the world, Germany falls behind the United States and United Kingdom in terms of brand awareness – just 55% of regular wine drinkers in Germany recognise the top 5 brands in the market, compared to 77% in the UK.
However the report shows that there are plenty of things to be positive about in the German wine market: involvement in the category increasing, average spend is growing over the long-term, and the consumer base is becoming more adventurous, according to Wine Intelligence’s analysis. Almost two thirds of regular wine drinkers in Germany now agree that deciding which wine to buy is an important decision, and nearly half enjoy trying new and different styles of wine. If brands are known, 65% of consumers say this choice cue is important when selecting wine, suggesting that consumers are receptive to branded propositions – even if those aren’t often top of mind.
Wilhelm Lerner, Wine Intelligence Country Manager for Germany, said: “Until now, wine marketing in Germany has not had much success translating consumer needs into compelling and memorable brand propositions. Yet the growing levels of involvement, and increasing spend per bottle, among typical German wine consumers, particularly those under 45, makes me wonder whether we are at a turning point in the cycle, where brands will start to matter more.”
He added: “Our research suggests that consumers are increasingly influenced by wine style descriptions at the point of sale, with 70% of regular wine drinkers in Germany considering it important or very important when selecting a wine. Wine marketers can exploit this opportunity to engage the consumer, tell a story and build brand equity.”
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