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Reverting to type – or not

After lockdown, will we rediscover our old habits or permanently adopt the new ones formed during the pandemic crisis? Near where I live in Clapham, south London, a new way of enjoying beer from the pub has evolved over recent days. Technically,…
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Segmenting and targeting the post-coronavirus wine consumer

New Wine Intelligence consumer data shows that both during and post-virus era wine drinking behaviour is similar across markets, but there are also some intriguing contrasts within markets that warrant further investigation As we analyse the…
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US consumers increase wine consumption during lockdown

US regular wine drinkers are increasing their consumption of wines during the lockdown, while planning for a post-lockdown world which features fewer vacations, less business travel and less overall spending One of the keys to the world wine…
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Australia’s wine drinkers pre, during and post Covid-19

We publish the first comprehensive report of new survey data reporting on wine consumers in the time of the pandemic – and document how Australian wine consumer attitudes and behaviours are responding to these previously unknown circumstances Wine…
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Post-virus, how will our behaviour change?

Early evidence is suggesting a lively tussle in consumers’ minds between caution about economic prospects and a longing for a good time - especially in Australia The great economist John Maynard Keynes recognised early on in his career that…
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The new habits of the post-virus world

Once the coronavirus outbreak is contained, how will markets and consumers behave? The word ‘unprecedented’ is often misused – not so at the moment. This morning around half of the world’s population have awoken to a lifestyle they…
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Black swans and white wine: Planning in an uncertain world

How diversifying your business plan helps prevent unpredictable events disrupting your entire business By definition, black swan events are ‘extremely rare events with severe consequences that cannot be predicted beforehand.’ While a global…
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Research in the time of viruses

Amid the economic and political turbulence caused by coronavirus around the world, we in the research industry should address two very pertinent questions: is it appropriate or valuable to conduct market research at this particular moment?…
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From asking to listening

How new technologies are changing the way we do research