Four reasons why UK consumers are drinking less wine

The UK monthly wine drinking population is shrinking, and those that remain are drinking less often. Our latest market report explains why 2018 has turned out to be another challenging year for the wine industry in the UK, with continued…

Wine and consumer options growing in Canada

Legislative changes in alcohol and cannabis are likely to shape the wine industry in Canada in the coming year as much as long-running consumer trends Canada crosses six time zones and occupies more land mass than the United States to the…

A sense of adventure

An adventurous burgeoning middle class and a strengthening economy makes Colombia one of the most attractive Latin American markets – for now Historically, the Columbian wine drinker has been set in their ways. If one was to ask him or her…

Taste for adventure

Australia’s wine drinkers are growing accustomed to a broader portfolio of varietals and countries of origin

What’s driving Mexico’s wine boom?

Mexico is creeping slowly onto the radar of the wine trade. But what are the reasons behind Mexicans’ growing enthusiasm for vino?

Germany turns a corner

After years of trading down, Germany’s wine market seems to be going in the opposite direction.

All change in South Korea

South Koreans are opening up to the world of wine

Expanding horizons

The Japanese are moving beyond traditional, Old-World favourites to embrace a wider repertoire

American drinkers get crafty

Wine is losing ground in its most important market to the new wave of artisanal beers, ciders and spirits