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Adaptation, adjustment, agility, appropriateness and alignment: How wine businesses are refocusing in a changing world

Two weeks ago, we shared examples of how wine businesses, alongside nearly every other type of business, were having to adapt and adjust with agility. Last week, when delivering this weekly round-up of case studies from around the global, we…
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Wine consumers in Brazil adapt their behaviour

Data from Brazil, the first of our consumer surveys about life in the time of lockdown, is giving us glimpses of the stages of consumer experience in the virus pandemic: reduction, restriction, lockdown and re-entry When the history of the…
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After the pandemic, will we do dinner out again?

The livelihoods of millions rest on how US consumers regard the idea of going out to eat or drink once the immediate dangers and restrictions of the global coronavirus pandemic have passed through Articulated by American psychologist Abraham…
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Adaptation, adjustment and agility: How wine businesses are shifting to new business strategies

Findings ways to secure business when we are trying to work out what the future looks like feels near impossible. In our ‘new normal’, both consumers and businesses are adapting and adjusting, and doing so at a pace that just a few weeks…
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Global Trends in Wine: The who, what and how

Wine Intelligence explores 12 global trends, categorised into six themes, which we have identified over the past year relating to wine consumer’s consumption and behaviour Identifying trends in consumer behaviour has been something of…
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The size problem

Why should wine still be sold in a 75cl bottle?
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Nowhere to hide

As consumers increasingly see straight through spin, genuine transparency has become the answer for today’s businesses.
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The special one

For some customers, even the very best won’t suffice. If everybody else has exactly the same thing, is quality in itself really enough?
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Living the high life

With our 2016 Global Consumer Trends workshops fast approaching, we explore two different sides of the ‘Upgrade’ trend