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What does sustainability mean throughout the world?

Following our Global SOLA report, our recently published country specific mini-SOLAs for Australia, Canada, Sweden, the US and the UK examine ethical consumerism in the wine industry in greater detail Last month, we released our latest insights…
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Five ways to sell sustainability

Wine producers hoping to build commercial success around sustainability and environmentally friendly products should take some cues from the latest thinking in behavioural economics, according to Wine Intelligence CEO Lulie Halstead We all…
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Sustainable growth

The tide of ethical consumerism is on the rise, and the fortunes of sustainable, organic, lower alcohol and other alternative wine products are rising within it, according to our latest SOLA report How does the concept of sustainability translate…

Press Releases

SOLA - Press release: Lower-alcohol wine opportunities still niche

Press release: Lower-alcohol wine opportunities still niche

For Immediate Release: Tuesday 10 July 2018 Lower-alcohol wine opportunities still niche with consumers turning to other low-alcohol beverages, according to Wine Intelligence’s Global SOLA Wine Report: Sustainable, Organic and Lower-alcohol…