For immediate release: Monday 2nd October 2017
Growing “everyday celebration” culture driving sparkling revolution in Singapore, according to a new report by Wine Intelligence
Singaporeans are going out more often, and drinking sparkling wine more often, as the quality and diversity of on-trade offers improves, according to new research conducted by Wine Intelligence for their latest report, Singapore Landscapes 2017.
The increasing popularity for friends and family groups to meet up for weekend brunch and dinners out has created a boom for Prosecco sales in Singapore, with Prosecco sales running at around 3 times the level of 5 years ago, and drinking incidence of Prosecco among the monthly wine drinking population up 60%, from a relatively low base, according to the report.
At the same time there is more of a buzz around the on-trade generally, with a number of high profile openings in the past 2 years which are not only driving more local business – 42% of monthly wine drinkers said they go out to eat for a formal occasion at least once a month – but also drawing in visitors from other parts of Southeast Asia.
However, the report also highlights the growing cost-consciousness of on-trade visitors, as their increased frequency correlates with a slight dip in average per bottle spend levels, particularly for informal occasions.
Wine Intelligence CEO Lulie Halstead commented, “Our new report Singapore Landscapes 2017 shows that the on-trade is an exciting, but competitive, place to be in Singapore at the moment. Participation levels are up, but the spend per bottle data suggest that people are saving up for big nights out rather than spending more on everyday occasions.”
Despite the Prosecco surge, Champagne remains a strong player, with volumes remaining steady and drinking incidence up slightly to 63% of the monthly wine drinking population, compared with Prosecco’s 16% reach.
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