This October, Wine Intelligence will launch the next wave of Vinitrac®, the world’s largest ongoing online study of wine drinkers. We are now accepting questions for our series of omnibus surveys that will be rolled out across 33 key wine markets that account for almost 80% of global wine purchases.

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn more about your wine consumers by submitting your questions or purchasing one of our insight packages, such as a brand health check, label and packaging test, or wine usage and attitude study.

Submit your question request or finalise a project before the deadline to be included in this next wave.

Question request deadline: Friday 5th October 2018
Survey in field: From mid-October 2018

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Vinitrac® Global Wine Consumer Survey Markets

Argentina  Australia  Belgium  Brazil  Canada  Chile  China  Colombia  Denmark  Finland  France  Germany  Hong Kong  India  Italy Ireland  Japan  Mexico  New Zealand  Norway  Paraguay  Peru  Poland  Portugal  Russia  Singapore  South Korea  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland
The Netherlands  United Kingdom  United States

Example sample quota

What is Vinitrac® ?

Vinitrac® is our wholly-owned global survey of wine drinkers, which monitors and tracks the attitudes, behaviour and the consumer’s relationship with still and sparkling wine around the world.

Our surveys use a representative sample of adults who drink wine in each of the countries where we operate. An omnibus survey consists of a standard question set that can be supplemented with your bespoke questions. A bespoke survey gives you more control over the make-up of the survey sample and the structure of the standard question set, as well as the option to add bespoke questions.

Take a sample survey – is my advert working? 

Vinitrac® Global Wine Consumer Survey Testimonials

“To move forward with its strategy, WineGB needed to understand in some detail about the size and nature of the UK’s wine industry. Given commercial sensitivities, we needed a research partner that could handle data securely and reliably, and whose reputation within the industry would reassure and encourage members to participate in the exercise. I’m delighted to say that Wine Intelligence fulfilled the remit admirably, and did so with professionalism and timeliness. We would not hesitate to work with them again.” – WineGB

“Access to Wine Intelligence’s omnibus survey has given us valuable insight into the quantitative results of our efforts to both understand consumer awareness levels and evaluate whether our activities are having an impact.” – VQA Ontario

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