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As we count down the days to a new decade, looking back and looking forward is inevitable. Looking back at the most read stories from Wine Intelligence Weekly in 2019, two key themes emerge – ‘who are our future drinkers?’ and ‘how is drinker behaviour changing?’

From a ‘who’ perspective, we discussed the missing six million female premium wine drinkers in the US market and reflected on why women are significantly under-represented among US higher spending wine drinkers and the potential growth opportunity this yields in the coming year. We also presented insights about Millennial wine drinkers in the UK – are we losing this next generation of wine drinkers? The evidence points to both a yes and no answer to this question. ‘Yes’ in the fact that these younger drinkers are now engaging even more so with other drinks alternatives – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – and ‘no’ in that the relative share of the monthly UK wine drinkers aged 25-39 has in fact risen slightly to 25% of the wine drinking population, up from 23% in 2009.

In terms of wine drinker behaviour, and reflecting the zeitgeist of 2019, we considered how behavioural economics can help us drive success with sustainability in wine. We looked at why, as human beings, framing sustainability in terms of ‘positive rather than negative’ messaging is important and why it is more effective to focus communications around sustainability of ‘feelings rather than facts’. We also presented compelling evidence that confirms that wine consumers are becoming more confident but less knowledgeable about their wine choices, possibly because of the way technology is affecting the way in which we access, store and filter information.

What will the key themes and big stories be for 2020? Look out for our 2020 Global Trends report that we’ll be publishing in January and read what Richard, our COO, is predicting for the year ahead.


Lulie 1 240x300 - Your top four key takeaways from 2019Best wishes for the festive season.

Lulie Halstead

CEO Wine Intelligence




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