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Uber-ising the wine order in a bar to Vinstant wine capsules: some notable ideas from this year’s Wine Intelligence Trends Workshop tour

After two successful workshops in Sydney and Melbourne back in February this year, April saw our Wine Intelligence Global Trends workshops once again take to the road in Europe and South America.  As well as revisiting some of last year’s settings (London and Madrid), this year we added three new locations: Lisbon, Santiago and Soave.  Over 80 people attended across the 7 different cities in total – a fantastic turnout and a great opportunity to discuss wine consumer behaviour across diverse markets.

This interactive analysis of the latest global consumer trends drew upon findings presented in our Global Consumer Trends 2016 report and sought to examine the shift and development of these trends and explore what really drives consumer behaviour, and the connections they have with products, services and brands.

During the workshops, we explored how the trends observed across the lives of consumers can be applied to different areas of the wine category. Participants looked at how shifts in trends might impact wine, and what key factors will influence wine consumers in the future.

Following a presentation led by one of the Wine Intelligence team, and working in small groups, participants were each assigned a trend category and consumer channel and tasked with designing a product or service to fit the respective categories.  To make things interesting, channels and trends were chosen that were less obvious for the category.

Below are a few of the highlights from our London, Santiago and Soave workshops:


Premium pub wine sharing app:

This idea from a group at the Santiago workshop drew on multiple trends, from Mini to Instant and Play to Well-being.

workshop 1 - Workshopping the future

The pitch: UberPool ride sharing concept meets on-trade wine. This app allows people in a bar to come together to share a bottle of premium wine.  Users download the app and then sign up to share the cost of a bottle; live screens showing “open” offers encourage others to sign up and create a more interactive and playful feel. Through sharing, consumers are able to enjoy a more premium product, but in Mini portions rather than the whole bottle, and also tick the Well-being box about drinking more responsibly.



Devoted to rosé:

Our Devotion trend is defined as an obsessive, single-minded dedication to truly perfecting one thing, and another idea presented at the Santiago workshop is an interesting example of the potential benefits to be found in developing expertise in one product – in this instance, rosé wine.

workshop 2 - Workshopping the future

The pitch: A distributor or importer focused solely on still and sparkling rosé wine. Growing numbers of consumers in major markets such as the US are drinking more rosé – our recent Rosé Drinkers in the US Market report identified an interesting segment of the market, who we defined as ‘Heavy Rosé drinkers’, constituting 40% of the total wine drinking population in the US. A business that only dealt with rose would be much better placed to become an authority on the style, offering tastings and mixology classes with consumers, and building brand alliances with other companies.


Wine as news

Transparency and the need for clear demonstrations of honesty on behalf of corporations is becoming increasingly important to consumers, and came through in one of the groups in our Soave workshop.

workshop 3 e1463500670354 - Workshopping the future

The pitch: a wine brand that communicates its values through a newspaper label on bottles that tells the story of the wine and vintage as a “collection” of news from the relevant year.  Examples of stories could include details of weather conditions, the people involved in the production and any conditions or processes the vines or the wine have undergone.



Wine meets Nespresso

Instant remains an important category in our trends work, and more efficient product delivery was picked up by one group in the UK workshop

workshop 4 - Workshopping the future

The pitch: Capsule coffee meets wine. The group came up with Vinstant, a wine capsule concept, which offers consumers a range of capsules to buy to drink at home. The capsules would be used with a machine designed to serve the wines at the perfect temperature, on demand.

Many thanks to all participants in the global workshop programme. The workshop programme for the second half of the year will be announced in July.

Author: Eleanor Hickey