Seminar Programme on Monday, 25th March
10:00-11:00am – Life after BRIC: Which are the next emerging wine markets?
Which wine markets should you invest in? Should you only be turning to China and the East or are other markets emerging with better prospects for your wine in the future. How much presence should you continue to have in your established markets? Wine Intelligence will share and debate our wine market model which categorises wine markets based on macro-economic and wine consumption trends.
12:00-1:00pm – Telling Tales: What is the long term brand impact of Wine Tourism? 

One of the hottest trends of 2013 is ‘Telling Tales’ – where consumers go beyond simply purchasing a product and instead want to have a hands-on ‘experience’ with the brand. This could take the form of a cooking class in Vietnam or attending a beer festival at the weekend but the key is that we tweet, post and tell people about the amazing things we’ve done after or maybe even during our experience. Wine Tourism, therefore, is potentially the perfect brand ‘experience’, but how much should you invest in your cellar door during times of increasing pressure on margin and profitability. What’s the pay off? Wine Intelligence will present new insights and share experiences and case-studies.
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