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14 distinct categories of wine labels competing for wine drinkers’ attention

As the design of wine labels evolves, so do consumer preferences. As with any other aesthetic medium, fashions come and go, and (to paraphrase Coco Chanel) certain styles endure. Wine labels are also governed by more pragmatic rules: in our previous work, we have found that certain designs work better for certain types of consumer, and designs carry messages which may or may not align well with the type of product being sold.

As preparation for our new Australia Wine Label Design 2020 report, out next month, we have categorised 14 types of label, up from 9 featured in our previous edition in 2017. We will be running a similar exercise in the US market early in 2021.

In the meantime, a question for you: which one(s) do you think will be most appealing to wine drinkers? Find out in December when we publish our findings.

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