Juan  - What goes on behind the Chinese wall?

Juan  150x150 - What goes on behind the Chinese wall?

Learnings from the Wines of Chile online community
Understanding who is actually drinking wine in China has been a key question for the wine industry for the past decade. Regular subscribers to Wine Intelligence China reports now have a reasonable idea of who wine drinkers are, so the next challenge is how to efficiently put the needs of the Chinese consumer at the heart of key business decisions about building wine brands in China.
Some of the questions were are tackling in this direction include: How to decide the most compelling brand name? What makes a culturally appropriate packaging? How do we develop the most attractive visuals and the most effective communication both in-store or online?
In mid-2014 Wines of Chile challenged us to help them develop some insights with Chinese consumers, with the emphasis on getting a sensible geographic scope with an unprecedented cost efficiency. As a result we set up an online discussion community, recruiting some of their most important and loyal consumers in China: Wines of Chile Weibo followers.
An online community is a private, invitation-only and moderated platform that allows in-depth questioning of consumers but also enables group discussions between participants to uncover unexpected insights or topics. Companies can show visuals or videos to their target consumers, test hypotheses or set tasks involving visits to restaurants or taking pictures or videos of where they shop for wine, features not possible in more traditional research methods.
For 3 weeks Wines of Chile gathered insights about the effectiveness of their campaigns and the positioning of Chilean wines in the market using a variety of techniques. The results were then fed back to the Wines of Chile membership.
“For the first time we understood in depth who our consumers are and what the impact of our online campaigns is. We also learnt what’s important for them which will help us guide our future campaigns. The success of the project was that we could bring consumers alive and access great insights on how they drink wine, what they think of the Chilean brands on offer and even collect videos of how they shop for wine in China” Claudia Soler, Planning and Research manager of Wines of Chile.
Author: Juan Park
E-mail: Juan@wineintelligence.com