Vinitrac SparklingWe are still accepting question requests for the May / June 2018 wave of Vinitrac® Sparkling, the world’s largest ongoing online study of sparkling wine drinkers

Throughout May and June, Wine Intelligence will launch the next wave of Vinitrac® Sparkling, our wholly-owned global survey of sparkling wine drinkers that monitors and tracks the attitudes, behaviour and the consumer relationship with sparkling wine around the world.  We are now accepting questions requests and project proposals for our series of omnibus surveys which will be rolled out across key sparkling wine markets.
Sparkling wine has now become mainstream in key English-speaking markets such as the US, UK, Australia and Canada and it is showing impressive growth, from a small base, in Asian markets such as Japan and China.  In fact, this February, Wine Intelligence published a report on Sparkling Wine in the Chinese Market 2018, which reveals that a younger wave of consumers are embracing bubbly much more openly than their predecessors, and trade sources are very positive about the future of sparkling wine in the country.
If you’d like to find out more about your sparkling wine consumers, you may be interested in submitting questions or purchasing one of our insight packages, such as a sparkling brand health check, sparkling label and packaging test, or sparkling wine usage & attitude study.
Submit your question request or finalise a project today to get included in this next wave.
In addition, you can read more about past Vinitrac® Sparkling projects and reports by reading ‘Sparkling times’.
Survey in field: May and June 2018

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Vinitrac® Sparkling markets – May/June 2018:
Australia ▪ Belgium ▪ Brazil ▪ Canada ▪ China ▪ France ▪ Germany ▪Italy ▪ Japan ▪ The Netherlands ▪ UK ▪ US
“Today Wine Intelligence is a strategic partner and our first stop for questions as they have produced both a variety of off-the-shelf reports and can also support us with bespoke and personalised projects. Wine Intelligence are now our partner for an ambitious brand health tracking covering all our key markets.” – Vina San Pedro Tarapaca (VSPT)
“As New Zealand’s leading global Super Premium wine producer, we have selected Wine Intelligence to provide us with crucial consumer brand health insights and benchmark measures for our flagship Oyster Bay brand. Wine Intelligence offers a depth of experience in each of our global markets and is highly responsive to our ongoing reporting needs.” – Delegat
 What is Vinitrac® Sparkling?
Vinitrac January 2018
Vinitrac® Sparkling is our wholly-owned global survey of sparkling wine drinkers, which monitors and tracks the attitudes, behaviour and the consumer relationship with sparkling wine around the world
  • Vinitrac® Sparkling surveys use a representative sample of adults who drink sparkling wine in each of the countries where we operate.
  • Each Vinitrac® Sparkling survey consists of a standard question set, supplemented with client specific questions.
Typical projects: 

brand health

Sparkling wine brand health
Affinity, awareness, consideration, purchase and recommendation
[view sample survey] [view sample survey #2]

packaging and closure

Packaging attitudes
Understand attitudes to closures and test label and packaging designs before they go to market
[view sample survey]

Advertising and name testing
Test your advertising campaigns and brand names prior to launch
[view sample survey] [view sample survey #2]


Discover who is buying your brand and how they view it

purchase cues

Purchase cues
What factors motivate your consumers to buy wine