Next month we’ll be talking to consumers in 15 major global markets – what would you like to know?
As wine markets are facing a global oversupply and fierce competition, the development of consumer focused strategies is essential. New trends and patterns of consumer behaviour can evolve in a short time frame. Whether it be the importance of Millennial consumers in the USA, the evolution of the wine retail sector or the polarisation of the wine category, things rarely stand still and understanding these shifts and changes can be a key determiner of success.
In October we will be running the next wave of our online survey platform, Vinitrac® Global, across 15 key consumer markets. This provides the opportunity to ask individual, tailored questions to answer specific business needs, along with our standard usage and attitude questions to better understand consumers and enabling the ability to track changes over time in these markets. Of the markets where Vinitrac® is running, China and USA are of strong interest as they are showing substantial growth amongst a large wine drinking population.
Vinitrac® has proven to be an essential tool for our clients to support decision making throughout the product life cycle. Recent projects comprise a wide range of research methodologies including, brand health tracking, advertising campaign effectiveness and new product development tests. Data collected from bespoke questions is exclusively available to the individual client and can also be analysed in the context of our standard question set.
Vinitrac® Global also provides a number of options to suit varying research and business needs and can be delivered in a variety of forms ranging from an SPSS dataset or excel table to an in-depth report with face-to-face debrief.
For more information please see our most recent brochure (link to brochure) or contact Ewa Ochmann