Millennials and wine

The first two decades of the 21st century have witnessed some fundamental shifts in British culture and behaviour. Amongst other things, the UK has seen an unprecedented and sustained fall in regular alcohol consumption, particularly among younger people.

We all know that this change has some profound and long-term implications for the wine category in the UK, but what are they? How is “moderation Britain” behaving when it comes to the wine category? What is the relationship between younger adults (18-35) and wine? What changes can we observe from the behaviour of the same age cohort 10 years ago? And, most importantly, what can we as the wine industry do about it?

Join Richard Halstead and analysts from Wine Intelligence for this Breakfast Briefing at One Birdcage Walk, London, SW1.

Light breakfast available from 9:00am, session running 9:30am-11.00am.


Tickets are available to purchase here.

Companies holding an All Access membership are entitled to two complimentary tickets and then buy one get one free.

To claim your All Access tickets, please contact Matthew Jenkins.

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