Pod 3 - Trends – Super Bowl edition


The world’s most expensive television advertising event is a great opportunity to see some of our 2015 trends in action

This past Sunday sports fans and marketing obsessives in North America and beyond gathered together for the Super Bowl, the traditional annual interaction between highly paid, powerful athletes and major brands trying to get our attention. As fully-paid up members of the marketing obsessive community, we had our pens ready to observe how this year’s crop of advertisements deployed some of the global consumer trends we have identified for 2015.

Bud Light – Real life PacMan

Playing on our desire to reconnect with a bygone era, this advertisement links the Up For Whatever campaign to the 1980’s sensation PacMan. The unsuspecting protagonist in this instalment is thrust into a life-sized version of the game where he becomes ‘PacMan’. Drawing on our sense of Nostalgia, we can’t help but join the surrounding party in cheering for our once forgotten hero.


Newcastle Brown Ale – Band of Brands

Our Activate trend encompasses the idea of individuals, or in this case brands, acting in concert in pursuit of a common goal. The goal of Newcastle Brown Ale’s Super Bowl campaign was to give ‘the little guys a chance’ to buy into some shared airtime during the Super Bowl. The tribal nature of this campaign, similar to crowd-sourcing used by start-ups, was designed to give smaller brands an opportunity to shine in an arena that would normally be out of reach.


Chevrolet – 2015 Chevy Colorado with built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi

While the simplicity of the advert had quite an impact, it is really the offer itself that we’ve placed into our Instant trend category. In the age of smart phones and ever-expanding data coverage, most of us are accustomed to having instant access to just about everything. With the introduction of built-in Wi-Fi in the 2015 Colorado, Chevy has secured its place in fuelling our desire for the instantaneous. An abundance of Twitter commentary regarding the advert’s success of instilling panic into viewers is another example of how instantaneously our world now connects.



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Author: Mike Werner

E-mail: Mike@wineintelligence.com