Wine BagInaBox - Thinking outside the box

The UK could potentially buy more BIB wine, but only if producers address some important questions about image and value

Bag-in-box sales have hit a plateau in the UK, partly because discounts on bottled wine have proved more attractive to price-conscious consumers.

If bag-in-box is to realise its potential, it needs to find new ways of communicating its value proposition, and also make more of its green credentials.

That was one of the conclusions suggested by Wine Intelligence research director Juan Park, who recently addressed delegates at a Performance BIB seminar in Bristol. The organisation represents more than 40 companies involved in bag-in-box wines, who met for a two-day event to discuss the future direction for the packaging format.

Park reported that more than half of the UK’s 29 million regular wine consumers have some experience of buying bag-in-box wines. But only 6% do so on a monthly basis.

“Bag-in-box is the most used alternative packaging in the UK market but its sales have been fairly constant in recent years,” he said.

“Compared to a two-for-one offer on bottled wine, bag-in-box just seems for some consumers like a risky choice, with a high initial purchase price. The bag-in-box format has the challenge of communicating its good value and also its environmental credentials.”

Wine BagInaBox - Thinking outside the box