Brazil technology 2 - The digital buzz in Brazil

Brazil has the world’s third highest incidence of online shoppers among regular wine drinkers, according to Wine Intelligence’s first report on Online Retail and Communication in the Brazilian Market 2018 report.

In an increasingly digitalised world, online wine sales are more relevant than ever. People can now buy wine through online retailers, have them delivered directly to their home, and find important information about different wines on apps, website and social media.

We decided to look into Brazil, where secondary evidence suggests there are now 120 million people connected to the internet. A population that is highly digital in general means being highly digital in wine as well, especially in a global context. After China and the UK, Brazil has the highest rate of online shoppers among regular wine drinkers from all the markets measured on Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac®.


Brazil E Retail graphic 1024x543 - The digital buzz in Brazil

As seen in the chart above, 26% of Brazil regular wine drinkers have purchased wine online in the past 6 months.  In general, there are around 8 million online shoppers in Brazil and of those, around 1.7 million buy wine online on a monthly basis.  In addition, wine sales online has increased 40% from 2016 to 2017.

Our first Online Retail and Communication in the Brazilian Market 2018 report brings to you an in-depth profile of the online shoppers and the e-commerce environment in this multi-faceted emerging wine market. For instance,

  1. The Brazilian online shopper is typically younger, more adventurous, more typically male, a higher earner and drinks wine more frequently than other wine drinkers in Brazil
  2. The most trusted online information sources are wine apps, online shopping websites and wine producer/brand’s websites

More information on the first Online Retail and Communication in the Brazilian Market 2018 report published 13 March 2018, can be found here.

Author: Luis Osorio