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Pandemic unlocking growing opportunity for alternative wine formats in US and Canada

Wine consumers in the US and Canada are reappraising their relationship with different wine formats – cans, box wine and other non-glass formats – now seeing them in a new and more positive light ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ is…
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US Covid-19 Impact Report Issue #1 released as open source

From today, we are making the Wine Intelligence US COVID Impact Report Issue #1 open source. The decision to release our report as open source is to provide as much help as possible to our wider client base to navigate and plan their US market strategy at a time when such planning and strategizing is turning from a once a year exercise to a weekly – or even daily – task.
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Common experience, different response?

The first three Covid-19 Impact Reports from Wine Intelligence have focused on the English-speaking markets of Australia, the US, and the UK. Comparing the data shows some remarkable consistencies, but some equally interesting contrasts In…
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Seeking the familiar dominates in the US wine market

The upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic appears to be bringing out some classic post-trauma behaviours among US wine consumers Much will be written and studied about this period of history we are currently living through. As well as the obvious…
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America’s wine drinkers stay strong

The world’s largest wine market has not been put off its game by the coronavirus or the lockdown – but how will wine fare in the coming economic storm? Good news has been in short supply in the US wine category recently, with small producers…
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Tariff trouble ahead – for everyone

Richard Halstead discusses the impact of a possible 100% tariffs on European wine for the US and global wine industry If you’re looking at how the world wine industry is keeping its head above water in the 21st Century, you might be forgiven…
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Raise a sparkling glass to the Millennials

Sparkling Wine in the US Market 2019 reveals that although sparkling wine consumption is declining, highly motivated Millennials entering the market are bringing new opportunities – particularly for imports The findings of our latest sparkling…
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In Vinexpo, Veritas

In Manhattan last week, Wine Intelligence CEO challenged the audience at Vinexpo New York with some tricky questions about women and wine. This is how they did. As part of its collaboration with Women of the Vine & Spirits, Wine Intelligence…
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Independents’ day

US specialist and independent wine retail are pivoting their business models to attract an increasingly online and social-media driven customer Generalising about wine retail channels in the US market is no easy feat. Given the complexity…