Portugal 450x450 - Force for good?

Portugal’s penchant for a premium “bargain”

A mature market is experiencing some lively changes in the way upscale wine is sold, according to our latest Portugal Landscapes 2019 report. Despite being one of the most established markets for wine with one of the highest per capita…
Australia  768x768 - Force for good?

How will Amazon Australia affect wine retail?

While the long-awaited launch of Amazon into the Australian market in December failed to live up the hype, there are signs that the online juggernaut is now making its presence felt At a recent Drinks Association Network Breakfast Yngve…
Brazil technology 2 768x768 - Force for good?

The digital buzz in Brazil

Brazil has the world’s third highest incidence of online shoppers among regular wine drinkers, according to Wine Intelligence’s first report on Online Retail and Communication in the Brazilian Market 2018 report. In an increasingly…
Global Trends in Wine 2020 450x450 - Force for good?

Global Trends Video #2: Retail

It is recommended you make the video full size to view.  For more information on Global Trends in Wine 2020, please view the report here.
choice - Force for good?

Tier 2 cities, no longer a second thought

Most of the media attention about wine still focuses in Tier 1 cities like Shanghai, while the real growth story is now in Tier 2 Although we often hear China described as an “awakening dragon” or a booming economy that rivals the…
US Independents Girl - Force for good?

Independents’ day

US specialist and independent wine retail are pivoting their business models to attract an increasingly online and social-media driven customer Generalising about wine retail channels in the US market is no easy feat. Given the complexity…
People waving GB flags 800x800 - Force for good?

Less, but better

UK wine consumers are declining in number, but those that remain are trading up and adopting a more involved stance towards their wine-drinking habits Only a few years ago the meteoric rise of Aldi and Lidl looked like it had the potential…
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Retail theatricals

The UK bricks-and-mortar retail scene is reinventing itself as a “brand experience” destination
shutterstock 432829423 400x400 - Force for good?

Force for good?

Our correspondent visits Pennsylvania’s state controlled liquor stores and comes away with a changed view