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Younger LDA drinkers dominate premium wine opportunity in emerging and growth markets, reflecting market dynamics

    Whilst 1/3rd of premium drinkers in more established markets (US and UK) are aged 55+, younger LDA drinkers dominate the premium wine opportunity in growth markets, such as Brazil and South Korea, and in emerging wine markets, such as…
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Growing opportunity amongst female drinkers in the premium wine category

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Spend up, knowledge down

Premium spenders on wine, counter to preconceptions, are not the most knowledgeable wine drinkers
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Missing: 6 million female premium wine drinkers

Women are significantly under-represented among US wine drinkers who spend $15 or more on a bottle. Could they be the next growth opportunity? In this era of gender politics, it takes a brave researcher to offer up potentially uncomfortable…
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US premium consumers: clouds on the horizon?

Our Premium Wine Drinkers in the US Market 2019 report reveals that while the US premium wine population has remained stable and is spending more per bottle, they are buying wine less often and are getting older Over the last few years, the…