The natural touch

How wine can tread a delicate path to be part of the well-being trend

Chicken, or chicken

Restauranteurs around the world have decided that less really can be more when it comes to what they serve.

The Great Cider Heist

…Or how the hard cider category stole the hearts of 20 million American wine drinkers

Made in Mexico

Maria Troein reports back from Mexico City, what the “Made in Mexico” trend means for imported wines.

Accessorise it

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Consumer generated: Coke and Stella

Your drink is getting personal.

Are your wine labels on trend?

We take look at wine labels who have put their own twist on global trends.

It’s not just about wine

Wine Tourism: The Wine Intelligence upcoming seminar at ProWein 2013 takes a look what draws consumers to winery cellar doors.

Let’s hear it for the girls

Far from being an empty pop slogan, Girl Power is an international trend which marketers need to grasp in more than a tokenistic way.