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Gen Z drinkers hesitant to spend again

Following coronavirus lockdowns, mounting evidence suggests retailers, bars and restaurants are struggling to entice young consumers back through the door. So where will those positive ‘animal spirits’ come from?
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Irish wine consumers: pre, during and anticipated post Covid-19 wine behaviour

Irish wine drinkers consumed wine more frequently in March / April 2020, but spent less per bottle on average. This downloadable PDF gives an overview of how Irish consumers’ social, shopping, drinking and wine lives have and may change due…
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What’s the damage for UK on-trade?

A smooth re-opening of UK pubs, bars and restaurants following lockdown will mean on-trade wine sales volumes will be down nearly a third in 2020, so long as there is no second wave of the virus Come Saturday the 4th of July, there are likely…
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Reverting to type – or not

After lockdown, will we rediscover our old habits or permanently adopt the new ones formed during the pandemic crisis? Near where I live in Clapham, south London, a new way of enjoying beer from the pub has evolved over recent days. Technically,…
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Five learnings from lockdown - Downloadable PDF

With the publication of the final report in Wine Intelligence’s 12 market Covid-19 Impact Report series, COO Richard Halstead reflects on what the exercise has taught us about wine consumers around the world - now available in a downloadable…
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US wine volumes look stable for 2020

US wine market volumes will be flat in 2020, with coronavirus-related off-premise surge balancing out 29% on-premise volume decline, according to Wine Intelligence modelling Total wine consumption in the US will show static volumes for 2020,…
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Japan’s cautious calm

Wine drinkers in Japan have cut their wine consumption more than their western counterparts, but seem more inclined to return to business-as-usual once restrictions end With the publication of our tenth market report in the Covid-19 Impact…
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Updates from Italy: How is wine fairing as lockdown eases?

Pierpaolo Penco, Italy Country Manager at Wine Intelligence, reflects on the impact of Covid-19 on the wine market in Italy, focusing on insights from the Wine Intelligence Italy Wine Landscapes 2020 report, released this week   WI:  How…
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A tale of two virus experiences

Contrasting data from Canada and South Korea demonstrate how coronavirus can have significantly different impacts on attitudes and behaviour As with many other wine markets, Canada’s regular wine drinking population were on a roll prior to…