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Brexit: The opera continues

As the Brexit deadline approaches, the UK wine industry and its EU supply partners are facing two potentially costly future trading expenses regarding the post-Brexit trading world: regulation and tariffs Here we are again. Veteran observers…
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What price for Brexit?

UK Landscapes 2019 reveals a definite Remain-ish tinge to Britain’s wine drinking population, possibly influenced by the growing belief that their preferred tipple is about to get more expensive Britain’s wine drinkers were always a Remain-ish…
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Still hanging

Perhaps it is now not Brexit itself that is the biggest danger to the wine category’s fortunes in the UK, but the economic consequences of a political system that has hit the self-destruct button In the prolonged agony of the UK’s…
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UK on-trade 2019 to-do list

Some prescriptions for success amid the toughest of trading years The sentiment is predominantly negative in the UK on-trade at the moment.  Clearly, much of the near-term focus is on Brexit, and at time of writing we remain at the mercy…
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Hanging from the cliff

Whatever the outcome of the latest Brexit negotiations, the wine industry – and everyone else – should be prepared for a long, hard road ahead It feels like a climax of a classic Hollywood thriller. Time is running out; disaster looms;…
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Uncorking the truth

Did British wine drinkers vote for Brexit?
brexit 450x450 - Britain's OMG moment

Britain's OMG moment

How the nation’s wine drinkers might be feeling, post-Brexit.