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Opportunities for wine brands in the UK

UK brands with good off-premise distribution and above-average price points have resonated with consumers during the pandemic – will the good times continue after lockdown ends?   By most estimations, wine has had a ‘good’ pandemic in…
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Yellow Tail and Casillero del Diablo remain the world’s most powerful wine brands amid a picture of eroding brand equity for wine brands worldwide

Most major wine brands may have seen solid volume performances in 2020 thanks to core consumers stocking up, but the challenge for brand owners in the post-Covid era will be to restore connections with their wider audience The fourth edition…
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Are wine brands built in the on-trade?

It is common to hear that “wine brands are built in the on-trade”, but are consumers really more exposed to brands in restaurants than they are when browsing for wine in supermarkets or specialist wine shops? Multiple times I have heard…
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Which wine label is a winner?

14 distinct categories of wine labels competing for wine drinkers’ attention As the design of wine labels evolves, so do consumer preferences. As with any other aesthetic medium, fashions come and go, and (to paraphrase Coco Chanel) certain…
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Consumers increasingly turning to safer and ‘local’ wine brands during the pandemic

As the pandemic continues to influence current consumer behaviour, drinkers in key wine markets are actively turning to safe, reliable and known - often local - wine brands at the expense of smaller market share and imported brands A consistent…
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Where wine brands have power

When looking at the number of wine brands consumers recall and purchase, the data shows a big variance by market – why is this? Starting next week, thousands of wine consumers around the world will be asked about their usage and attitude…
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The power of brand recognition

Why do certain wine brands achieve more traction than others in our 2020 Global Wine Brand Power Index? With third edition of the Wine Intelligence Global Wine Brand Power Index, some experienced readers may be growing familiar with some of…