Mexico Landscapes 2021 Pic 180x180 - Strong Millennial wine opportunity in Mexico

As the Mexican wine market continues to evolve, there is a growing opportunity for a broader range of wines, particularly with Millennial wine drinkers.

As recently as 2016, typical Mexican wine consumers were aged around 40; today, 59% of wine consumers are now under the age of 35. 

This is significant because in many wine markets, the average age of consumers is climbing, reflecting ageing populations as a whole. In Mexico, an opportunity is fast opening up for wine producers and brands to connect with this emerging wine drinker group.

Millennials in Mexico are enjoying building their knowledge and experience in wine, with 83% stating they have a strong interest in wine, whilst also enjoying exploring grape varieties and countries of origin. The main beneficiaries of this are producers of sweeter or more fragrant whites made from Moscato, Torrontes and Verdelho; and among reds, Tempranillo. From a source country perspective, domestically produced continues to dominate the market, and drinkers are increasingly turning away from wine from Argentina and Chile, and towards Italy and California.

Underlying this is a change in the way wine is being consumed. Five years ago, the locus of wine consumption was a specific occasion, most likely a meal with family and friends. While this remains an important consumption occasions today, the big growth area for wine since 2016 has been the informal, non-food, non-social occasion – such as the end of day drink when you get home from work.

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