Pod2 20.05.2014 - The USA is the largest wine market

So it is now official. The USA is the largest market for wine in the world.

With last week’s announcement from the OIV that US consumers enjoyed 2.9 billion litres of wine in 2013, just ahead of France’s 2.8 billion litres, the focus on the US market continues to grow.

Based on the Wine intelligence calibration of US wine drinkers, we know there are 145 million wine drinkers in the US, of which 90 million drink wine at least once per month, that is, are regular wine drinkers. This means that each regular wine drinker enjoys, on average, 3 bottles of wine per month.

However, for many producers, both domestic and imported, the sweet spot in the US market is in the over $15 categories. This is an area shopped in by 25 million US wine drinkers and one of increasing significance in this growing market.

In response to significant demand from wine businesses globally, Wine Intelligence has launched a new service which explores the world of premium wine drinkers in the US market. Vinitrac® Premium USA is a dedicated online omnibus survey, launching in June 2014. The insights from this detailed survey will be supported by those from omnibus ‘dinner party’ focus groups. Both options deliver the opportunity for wine business to hear directly from premium consumers in the US market.

Pod2 20.05.2014 - The USA is the largest wine market