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 New report release: Wine Intelligence Russia wine market Landscape 2014
74 page PowerPoint (pdf) and supporting Excel data table– GBP 2,500 / EUR 3,000 / USD 4,125 / AUD 4,625 or 5 Report Credits
“Russia is rarely far away from the political headlines but in the wine world it’s a country we often tend to overlook. Yet it’s the ninth largest market for wine on the planet, and in its two largest cities alone there are almost 6 million people who consume wine on at least a semi-regular basis.”
“The number of Russians who drink foreign wine two to five times a week has seen a big jump between 2012 and 2014. Wine drinkers are cutting back on the traditional Russian favourites of vodka and beer. It sounds like fertile ground for wine exports, and it is – with certain caveats.”
“Wine Intelligence analysis shows that Russians are also being more adventurous in their wine choices. Most don’t find imported wine to be a particularly expensive beverage and they are eager to make new discoveries. The proportion of consumers that feel confident in their wine knowledge is racing upwards; meanwhile, the percentage of those who feel they lack wine know-how is edging downwards.”
“Wine Intelligence classes Russia as a “high growth emerging market” and the findings from the latest round of consumer research explain why. It’s a big market, a complicated market, and one that occasionally looks less economically and politically stable than might be desired. But Russians have got the taste for imported wine. Only the most reckless gambler would suggest they’re about to give it up.”
Excerpts from the report introduction
•             Introduction
•             Management summary
•             The global wine market
•             The Rusian wine market
•             Russian wine consumers
•             Beverage repertoire
•             Wine buying behaviour
•             Wine consumption in the off-trade and on-trade
•             Wine involvement and attitudes
•             Brand health
•             Profiling of imported sparkling wine drinkers
•             Methodology
The data for this study was collected in 2012 and 2014 via Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac® online survey of Russian imported wine drinkers 712 in 2012 and 713 in 2014.
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