vinitrac and coronavirus image 180x180 - Quantifying the impact of coronavirus on wine

After the crisis passes, and we are all untethered from our current home isolations, will we go back to our old ways? One can imagine a fairly robust celebration when the crisis passes. Then what? Will this strange period of enforced behaviour change leave us permanently altered in our view?

To answer that, and a number of other pertinent questions as to what consumers will do in the world after this virus crisis has passed, we are asking a series of new questions in our Vinitrac® Global survey of wine drinkers in key consumption market around the world. These interviews are happening now, and will continue over the next three weeks. The answers will help us and our clients deduce whether the old rules of the wine category are still valid and what shifts and changes consumers are actually making on a day by day basis.

What should the bar and restaurant industry (and the wine trade that supplies it) be doing to make themselves matter in a post-virus world? Will the recent trends in premiumisation in the wine category be halted by a major economic downturn? Evidence from drinkers around the world will be available from Wine Intelligence in the coming weeks.

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