Slide 771 - Qualitative insights from UK wine consumers

Discover a better way of researching key UK consumer segments

Brand owners are now expected to know exactly what consumers want. However getting honest, unfiltered feedback from consumers about their needs, and how your wines might fit with those needs, requires skill – and doesn’t come cheap.

From my recent discussions with clients, there is a consistent need to test product concepts, explore the impact of different promotional ideas, and understand consumer needs at certain occasions. The main problem seems to be the cost of conducting meaningful research that can be trusted to deliver real and actionable insights.

To address this need, we’re launching a new service today for businesses interested in understanding and connecting with UK consumers. The Wine Intelligence UK Omnibus Qualitative research service allows clients to access consumers in a professionally-run focus group environment at a fraction of the cost of running a standalone study.

The deadline for participation is 25th July, and the findings will be available to clients in early September.

This is how it works:

  • 8 focus groups will be run in August with key segments of UK consumers, recruited using Wine Intelligence’s industry-leading UK Portraits segmentation
  • Costs of respondent recruitment, hosting and incentives are shared between clients
  • Each client has their own block of time (minimum of 15 minutes) to use for their own research questions: for instance to test ideas, packaging or promotional concepts
  • The content of each block is confidential to a client, and only the WI researchers will know the content of the blocks
  • The confidential report detailing the findings and conclusions from the will be shared with the relevant client

The programme has a limited number of blocks available and bookings will close once these have sold out. For guidance, a similar programme we are running in the USA sold out within 10 days of launch.

For further information, please see the brochure here.

Please contact myself or Emma Barnes-Webb if you would like to know more.

With best wishes,

Richard Halstead