Pod 1.1 - Prosecco’s silent revolution in the US market

How successful categories grow

In our recent Sparkling wine in the US market 2015 report we did an in-depth analysis of the current positioning of different sparkling wine categories; their competitive advantage vs. their competition.

The paradox for Prosecco is that despite the widely reported growth it lacks clear positioning in the market. When analysing the consumer data we see that it has no particularly strong associations with on and off-premise occasions of consumption compared to competitors nor does it have very clear imagery or values, it just looks like another average sparkling wine category. But still, US sparkling wine consumers say that their consumption of Prosecco grew more in the past year compared to any other sparkling wine type. So what is making them drink more? And who is driving the trend?

To answer these questions we looked at our US Vinitrac® survey data going back to August ’09 and we studied who was drinking Prosecco each year until now. Is the growth of Prosecco driven by Millennials? Is it driven by a particular gender? Is it driven by higher involved consumers?

The results are as disappointing as they are fascinating. There is no great headline like “Millennials are driving Prosecco consumption” for example, in fact the results are fascinating because Prosecco has managed to grow among Millennial consumers, but also among older consumers who normally prefer domestic wine. It has managed to grow among females but also equally among males, and it has managed to grow among involved consumers (those who care more about wine) but also among lower involved consumers. In a way we can say that its growth has been catch-all and very democratic.

Prosecco is catching like fire because people don’t feel intimidated by it and they are willing to recommend it and share it. To validate the hypothesis we looked at reasons why US consumers are drinking more Prosecco (part of the Sparkling wine in the US market 2015 report) and here are some of their answers:

Sparkling quotes 1024x529 - Prosecco’s silent revolution in the US market

This mixture of friends’ recommendations, liked style and increasing availability is the key for Prosecco’s growth in the market. The expanding network of consumers have started a silent revolution.

Author: Juan Park

E-mail: Juan@wineintelligence.com